Fire Watch Security

Fire Watch Security is a program of the New York Fire Department, which is implemented in conjunction with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). A volunteer fire watch can be a part of the public or can be an official appoint by the local government. Fire Watch Services includes patrolling for fire hazards, detecting any potential fire hazards, maintaining communication links, compiling information, and sharing information related to fire safety, and also is checking for fire prevention equipment at work sites. The volunteers are usually employed by local fire departments and are paid a certain amount of money by the NFPA.

The basic function of a fire watch security service is to patrol for potential fire hazards and notify the local fire department of such a potentiality. The service also provides information and conduct interviews of people who may have been exposed to fire hazards in the premises of another person. Fire Watch Services is provided by volunteer firefighters from around the State. These services are provided free of charge by the NFPA through its membership program. Members of a fire watch can protect themselves and their families from fire hazards while away from home. In the case of home fire hazards, such as electrical and gas appliances, family members should call the fire department for assistance.

A volunteer firefighter is typically Manning one of two positions; station guard or fire hydrant guard. Station guard duties are usually the responsibility of a fire watch team. On call fireside guard duty will involve running drills and other fire hazards training. Fire watch members are also responsible for calling in the local fire department when a fire alarm is activated or an incident occurs.

Fire department guards are employed in all areas of fire prevention, detection, and response. They are usually employed on part time, hourly, or semi-annual basis. The job description for fire department guards includes but is not limited to, responding to a call for assistance involving fire, towing away a fire hose, checking doors and windows for safety, securing equipment to prevent fire breaks, and evacuating the building in the event of a fire. When on duty, fire department guards are expected to perform their assigned duties in an orderly manner and under the guidance of a captain. Fire watch training schools help students develop the skills needed to effectively patrol a structure or an area, as well as how to react if a fire breaks out.

Fire safety officers, also known as firemen, are licensed and required to be on duty twenty-four hours a day. Generally they are placed on night duty as backup to regular police officers, but firemen are also called to active duty when there is an active fire. Regular police officers may not respond to calls for assistance when there is an active fire. So why would you hire guards for your business or home?

When a fire breaks out, these highly trained individuals respond quickly. They know the best way to protect your home and prevent further damage. If you are unsure about whether or not a security guard is the right person to call, contact your local fire department and make sure that the fire department is familiar with the guard’s background. In addition to that, ask for references, which can easily be obtained by contacting your local fire department or by visiting the website for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). As you can see, the fire departments and fire watch guards are extremely important and can help protect your family and home.