A versatile conference venue Brisbane, the multi-purpose Brisbane Conference Centre offers you a range of benefits and facilities to suit your needs. Whether you require a fully air-conditioned meeting space for large conferences, or a flexible multi-use venue to host small group events, or even an open plan cafe at the centre for informal conversations and coffee breaks, the centre can provide it all. A highly advanced conference venue in the Southside of Brisbane, our Brisbane Conference Centres is ideal for large and small groups alike!

Located in the centre of the city of Brisbane, the Centre offers you an array of flexible meeting and conference venues, including executive conference rooms, exhibition spaces, conference centres, classrooms, lounge rooms and more, all offering maximum conference accessibility and convenience. With more than 10 dedicated conference rooms, the Centre is perfect for meetings or seminars for large or small groups, with large spacious meeting areas and spacious conference venues suitable for up to 300 guests.

A multi-purpose conference centre in the Southside of Brisbane, we have conference rooms, meeting rooms and cafes to meet your meeting and conference requirements. From an open plan cafe at the centre to a large and spacious reception desk, from a wide screen TV to a comfortable waiting area, and from a professional team of conference coordinators to expert equipment and supplies – you will have the complete conference solution.

Our flexible conference venues in the Southside of Brisbane are situated in close proximity to the Brisbane City Council office, public transport, hospitals, schools, shopping centres, parks and community services. The facilities provided at our venue include a full service conference team that provides advice on how best to meet your meeting and conference requirements, from the design of your conference venues to the purchase of all the necessary equipment and supplies.

Brisbane has the best conference venues and facilities available in the whole of Australia. Whether your conference requires a large conference room for a large meeting or conference room and meeting space for small to medium-sized group events, or you require a flexible venue to accommodate a smaller group meeting and conferences, the Brisbane centre has a meeting space and venue to meet all your meeting and conference requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your needs for a large or small meeting space in Brisbane. Our expert conference coordinators will be able to advise you on the size of the room to meet your meeting requirements, the type of meeting venues available and the best way to arrange and manage your meeting arrangements to achieve a successful conference and meeting.