If you have a spinal condition and need a Sydney Neurosurgeon, there are many options. Dr Laban, Dr Winder, Dr Richard Parkinson, and Dr Raoul Pope are all good choices, and they are all highly rated by their patients. These Sydney Neurosurgeons offer the latest techniques for treating various spinal problems.

Dr Laban is a Sydney neurosurgeon

Dr Laban is a dual-certified neurosurgeon and spine surgeon who specializes in state-of-the-art spine, peripheral nerve, and brain surgeries. He uses minimally-invasive techniques, computer-guided surgery, and robotics to treat his patients. His approach to neurosurgery is centered on minimally-invasive techniques that minimise pain and scarring.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, the Royal College of Surgeons, the Society of British Neurological Surgeons, and the Cooperative Trials Group for Neuro-Oncology. He has also served as a peer reviewer for several international journals and has presented nationally and internationally. Dr Laban specializes in spine and cranial neurosurgery, and he offers a full range of treatments for spinal disorders, hydrocephalus, and peripheral nerve injuries.

Dr Winder is a Sydney neurosurgeon

Dr Mark Winder is a Sydney-based neurosurgeon who specialises in the treatment of neurological conditions. He has been a surgeon for more than 20 years. He has an extensive background in spinal, brain and neurological assessment and is involved in the development of the Australasian Neurosurgical Curriculum. He is also keen to establish collaborative academic relationships with overseas neurosurgeons through joint fellowship programs.

Dr Winder specialises in treating a range of brain and spine conditions. In addition, he has a keen interest in skull base tumours. He has a particular interest in endoscopic skull base surgery, and uses a minimally invasive approach to remove lesions in the anterior skull base.

Dr Richard Parkinson is a minimally invasive spine surgeon

Dr Richard Parkinson is a highly regarded neurosurgeon in Sydney, Australia. He is a fellowship trained neuro-interventional neurosurgeon with over 16 years of experience in complex spinal surgery. He focuses on achieving the most conservative treatment possible for his patients, while also offering the highest level of post-operative rehabilitation. If you are suffering from spinal conditions, Dr Parkinson is the surgeon to see.

Dr Richard Parkinson is a specialist in neurointerventional spinal surgery and neuro-interventional techniques. His specialty includes neuro-reconstruction, percutaneous approaches, and same-day microdiscectomies. He was trained in Sydney and in the United States. He is currently the Clinical Director of Ispine Neurosurgery, which specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery. He practices from The Mater Hospital in Sydney, and consults at St Vincent’s Private Hospital. He also performs surgery at The Mater Hospital in Sydney.

Dr Raoul Pope is a Sydney neurosurgeon

Dr Raoul Pope is a Sydney-based consultant neurosurgeon. He graduated from the University of Otago in 1996. After completing his medical training, he completed a Neurosurgical Fellowship in Sydney, and a fellowship in advanced spinal surgery at the Foothills Medical Centre in Alberta, Canada. He practices in North Sydney and Burwood, and specializes in neurosurgery for spinal disorders.

He is a member of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, and a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and Surgeons. He also holds memberships in the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia and the Society for Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Dr Timothy Steel is a Sydney neurosurgeon

Dr Timothy Steel is one of the leading neurosurgeons in Sydney. He has over twenty-one years of experience as a consultant neurosurgeon. He first became a neurosurgeon at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in 1998, after completing a rigorous ten-year surgical training program that included internships in some of the best hospitals in Australia and the United States.

Dr Steel was the senior neurosurgeon at St Vincent’s Hospital in Darlinghurst, and is currently on leave from his medical practice due to the charges. Despite the allegations, Dr Steel has maintained his innocence and defended his actions.

Dr Vini Khurana is a fellow at

Dr Vini Khurana is renowned for his expertise in the field of neurological surgery. With a multistate private practice, he provides a comprehensive range of medical consultation, surgery, and perioperative care. He also offers telehealth/Skype consultations and medicolegal-IME expertise. Patients consult him from all over Australia. His Google Reviews show his commitment to practicing and providing high quality care.

A Mayo Clinic-trained neurosurgeon, Dr Vini Khurana completed his medical training in 1995 and holds a doctorate in Biomedical Sciences. He then completed his residency in neurosurgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. After completing his residency, Dr Khurana undertook a specialized program in cerebrovascular and skull base surgery at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. He is dedicated to delivering the highest level of patient care and to advancing the field of neurosurgery.