SEO Burnaby, is a small business owned by three talented Internet marketers. Their goal is to make their clients satisfied with their services through outstanding search engine marketing results and an easy-to-use website. SEO Burnaby is based out of Burnaby, BC and provides a unique blend of web design, web development, internet marketing services, PPC and email marketing. SEO Burnaby is also a full-service web development firm, offering SEO services from scratch and working as a team with other companies such as Zengar and Rocket Fuel to provide search engine marketing services.

SEO Burnaby was founded in 2020 by David Teller, John Lee and Mike Schaffer. The owners have a combined fifteen years of experience in search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, digital products and the Internet in general. This combined experience allows them to provide an extensive package of web design, web development, internet marketing and PPC services to their clients. Focus on the research, development, analysis and implementation of effective online marketing campaigns across all disciplines.

SEO Burnaby offers a free initial consultation, and then after your needs are properly evaluated, will be ready to work with you to develop a plan and program of action to meet your specific needs. They have a team consisting of both professional web designers and web developers who will assist you in all aspects of the development process including website design and development, email marketing, keyword selection, back linking and social media management. Their expertise, combined with their commitment to quality customer service and to building relationships with each of their client’s leads, will provide you with one of the most efficient, cost-effective online marketing services available.

When compared to competitors, the SEO Burnaby system is recognized as being the most effective method to reach the top of the search engines, resulting in more qualified leads and increased sales. As an integrated marketing solution, they can help you create an effective web presence using the most popular search terms or niche keywords to drive targeted traffic to your website. You will not only gain exposure, but increase the overall number of customers who are familiar with your company name and products and services.

With SEO Burnaby, you can get the top search rankings in both Google and Yahoo for popular searches that you offer. They also offer a comprehensive list of top keywords, including local and regional variations, to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and increase your chances of generating a high number of visitors. quality leads.

SEO Burnaby works with search engines to understand the importance of keywords for both the website and the overall look and feel of the site, and how these words influence rankings in the search engines. The experts at this company use tools like Google AdWords to analyze the amount of competition for a specific term, which will allow the company to better target their keyword campaigns.