benefits of marine collagen

You may not be aware of the many benefits of marine collagen but you have probably heard of it before. This is because it was featured on an episode of Oprah and inspired a lot of women to go into collagen treatment clinics. But the big question still is, “What is it?” Here are some of the answers to the questions you may be asking.

Marine collagen benefits you may not be aware are that it is the best collagen source available. An estimated sixty percent of all by-products produced by fish processing get discarded as waste, but new research revealed that these, particularly the collagen-rich fish scales, have amazing anti-aging properties. Since these consist of proteins and peptides, there are ample amounts of nutrients waiting to be absorbed by the body, particularly the skin. These provide your body with more than enough nutrients to help improve its structural structure which, in turn, will give it more elasticity.

The collagen protein molecules in marine-derived collagen differ from those found in bovine and porcine-derived collagen. That is why it can be said to be the most efficient collagen in terms of tissue construction. What makes the protein more effective? Recent studies have revealed that marine-derived collagen contains an amino acid called cysteine that is present in larger quantities in marine mammals than in any other animal collagen.

It is this amino acid, along with others like lysine and arginine that is responsible for the improvements in cardiovascular health. In fact, studies have revealed that a deficiency in cysteine causes high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Cysteine helps maintain healthy insulin levels and minimizes the damage done to the cholesterol cells. In a related move, cysteine helps increase blood glucose levels, which in turn helps in managing diabetes. Glycine is another amino acid found in collagen, which helps increase blood sugar levels and decrease body fat. Glycine, in fact, has been dubbed as the lean body fuel.

It is through this knowledge that a supplementing of collagen peptides can help improve circulation, lower body fat, fight inflammation, and improve circulation. This is why a good anti aging skin care product should contain these collagen-based nutrients. For example, there are collagen gels, creams and supplements that contain collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and several other collagen-like proteins. Although the use of such a supplementing product would require a lifestyle change, which may not be possible for some, many people do choose to supplement their diet with this abundant protein.

So, although there is no proven medical evidence that shows the benefits of collagen peptides as an effective weight loss aid, many health and fitness experts advise their use. Especially for people who are not into strenuous activities, this could be the best option for those looking for an affordable way of fighting off aging. Collagen supplements also come in the form of oral supplements, which are available in various flavors and varieties. The most popular among them are green tea extracts, which help reduce bad cholesterol and increase the level of HDL, which is considered good for overall health. Collagen supplementation thus proves to be a sound nutritional option, which deserves attention from both health and fitness experts and consumers.