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  • TS Pelican - Adventure Under Sail

    Experience Genuine Tall Ships Adventures:
    Experience the challenge and the excitement of real tall ships adventures. Discover your true self, learn life skills, gain new confidence and make friendships that will last a lifetime. Become a member of the crew aboard the TS Pelican for an adventure you will never forget! Join the crew for a day sail, a short sailing voyage, compete in the exciting International Tall Ships Races or why not take the ultimate challenge and join us for a three-month transatlantic expedition during your gap year? No sailing experience is necessary -≠ just energy and enthusiasm.

    Tall Ships Adventures: Fast-track Personal Development For Young People:
    In an age of video consoles and Internet overdose, TS Pelicanís tall ships adventures for young people are a genuinely healthy, positive and life-changing experience. Young people discover hidden strengths and learn new skills, giving them an understanding of the true value of teamwork and interdependence. We see every young person grow in confidence - gaining both social and practical skills - as they confront and meet new challenges, both physical and emotional. While you may choose to fund a young person's voyage, young people are encouraged to raise the voyage fee themselves by securing sponsorship and funding. Our team will provide support and understanding from initial enquiry to embarkation. Opportunities exist for further development through the Youth Leadership Scheme and grants are available from the Adventure Under Sail charity.

    Tall Ships Adventures: Schools And Education:
    Adventure Under Sail's purpose is the development and education of young people through the sail training experience, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, gender or social background. Educational experience is achieved through skills acquisition, curriculum-based education and personal and social development. Working closely with schools, we are able to form links with students and teaching staff to provide activity-based experiences and outdoor learning. Discover further information for schools or contact us to discuss how we can work together. Book an assembly or meeting with one of our School Support Team to find out more.

    Tall Ships Adventures: Funding And Bursaries:
    Looking for a tall ships adventures but think you will be unable to raise the required cash? Donít despair - help is at hand! We've helped hundreds of young people to achieve their dreams. Adventure Under Sail is dedicated to helping young people aged between 15-25 experience TS Pelicanís voyages. Our team will assist you in raising the funds required and help with bursary applications. With our help you will raise the funds to change your life forever! Take the first step now.

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    TS Pelican - Adventure Under Sail