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    Whether you're a newcomer to sailing, between sailing qualifications, searching for a cruise to explore unfamiliar coasts and ports, or eager to experience the thrills of yacht racing, can help you.

    You Can Sail a Yacht!

    Learning to sail a yacht is:
    Fun. Sociable. Challenging. Enlightening. Confidence Boosting. Affordable. Infectious. Pleasurable.
    We've got taster days, start yachting courses, and skipper courses planned that can lead to RYA qualifications, so if you're:
    Looking to learn something new.
    Thinking of taking up sailing.
    Searching for a new social group activity.
    Wanting to charter a yacht on holiday abroad and need a qualification.
    Updating your RYA qualifications.

    ..then come training with
    We have a wide range of courses for you to choose from. Take a look on our main website for the full listing.

    Go on Blow Those Cobwebs Away!

    Yacht Cruising can be just what you want it to be:
    Chilled Out. Fun. Adventurous. Challenging. Mood changing. Refreshing. Relaxing. Personal Development. Fulfilling.
    We've got daysails, weekend cruises and cross channel cruises planned,so if you're:
    Between RYA training courses.
    Mile building.
    Want to hone your sailing skills further.
    Looking for a mini sailing adventure.
    Fed up with listening to the doom and gloom merchants

    ..then come cruising with
    We have a wide range of cruises for you to choose from. Take a look on our main website for the full listing.


    Done a bit of cruising, stepping up from a dinghy? Yacht racing is:
    Full on. Tactical. Physical. Skilful. Exciting. Challenging. Rewarding. Team Sport. Wet and Wild.
    Racing is a super way to develop your sailing further. You'll sail far more points of sail, make more sail changes, trim the sails more and make many more decisions in a shorter period of time than you ever do when cruising.

    We're building numerous race teams, beginners, inshore and offshore, so if you're:
    Sports Minded.
    Reasonably fit.
    Motivated by Success.
    Looking for a new sport.

    ..then come racing with
    We have a full race programme for you to choose from. Take a look on our main website for the full listing.

    Our skippers are looking forward to sharing Sailing Miles with you and will be on hand to help you develop your sailing and navigation skills.

    Build your personal sailing season or race campaign by selecting your Sailing Miles from our menus and make a provisional booking or enquiry by e-mailing We'll hold your provisional booking for 7 days, giving you time to complete the booking form and send it to us.

    Our skippers look forward to Sailing Miles with you.

    SAILING Courses, Activities, Holidays

    Maldon, Bradwell Waterside, Burnham on Crouch, River Blackwater, Essex, River Crouch, River Colne

    29 Steeple Road, Southminster, Essex, CM0 7BD