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  • Hazel Grove Sub Aqua Club

    The is the home of one of south Manchester's friendliest, family orientated Scuba diving clubs.

    The diving club, established in 1971, has always been one of manchester's largest dive clubs, and even in the current climate the club is bustling with events and activates, for all members of the family.

    The Club is especially proud of the way all members are encourage to be active and participate in club events, indeed like many clubs without willing volunteers the club would have folded many years ago. Thanks to these unsung hero's the club can enstole the virtues of of the british underwater environment and all it has to offer to new and old divers alike.

    By the UK for the UK

    The Scuba diving Club made the active decision to concentrate on helping UK divers, dive and appreciate the rich and varied waters we have so close to our doors and has not looked back since. Unlike many local clubs and dive centers, we will not train people for just 'holiday' diving instead we aim to open peoples eyes to the world of delights that many people seem unaware of right on there own doorstep.

    Scuba diving Training is carried out in a safe manor with the emphasis on safe UK diving, as many old hands will tell you 'If you can dive safely in UK waters, you will be safe any ware else!'.

    UK diving has many advantages you may not be aware of, and our members will happily tell you about the great wrecks, and sea life that can be found only 90 minutes drive from our club.

    Members willing to get involved can progress quickly with the club having a large number of instructors and highly technically qualified divers.

    Equipped for the job.

    Unlike most UK Dive clubs and dive schools HGSAC is lucky to have a large amount of very good equipment which is available for all members to use.

    * Three Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS) All are fully equipped with anchors, 50 meters of line, flares, tools, spares etc.
    o A 5.5 metre Delta RIB
    o A second 5.5 metre Delta RIB
    o a Humber 4.9 m RIB

    * Excellent training facilities including; large classroom, dedicated training committee, projectors, video and TV, charts.

    * Air compressor.

    * Complete oxygen kits - just in case.

    Relaxing Family Friendly Venue

    Many Scuba Diving Clubs in the UK are forced to meet in local pubs making it very difficult for families to attend, HGSAC is different. We Share a private facility with Bramhall tennis club, meaning families and children, are always welcome! The relaxing environment helps make everybody feel welcome and at home. If a lot of families are expected activities can be arranged to keep the children happy.

    Like many Dive clubs we also organize club trips abroad, in the last two years there have been trips to the Maldives, Red Sea, Norway, and the Caribbean. These are organized on top of UK dive trips, whose venues include; Scapa flow, Oban, Farn Islands, st abbs, and the Isle of Man. All this runs parallel to inland and coastal diving carried out around the North of Wales, and the North west of England.

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    Bramhall Park Rd, Bramhall, Stockport