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  • Aqua Style Swimming School

    Swimming! The word should conjure up visions of blue water and fun in the sun. Learning to swim also opens up avenues to wonderful activities such as diving, snorkelling, water skiing, windsailing, canoeing. the list goes on. It is also the best way to exercise the entire body aerobically.
    Yet water is not a safe environment to the uninitiated! For many people, anxiety about the possible dangers is enough to make them avoid swimming altogether. It is safer in the long run however to make sure you and your family can swim well!
    Here are some tips to help you pick a class to suit your needs:
    Teacher/ Pupil ratio: The smaller the class size the more attention one gets. One-to-One lessons are excellent for the very nervous and the very rushed! But there is an advantage of having others in the class to measure your progress against and to make it a pleasant social time. At Aqua Style swimming school we teach adfults and Children Our class size is four students to a teacher to begin with. We also offer One to One and two to One classes. Fast Track courses ie. five days of daily lessons usually have wonderful results; just the fact that the student swims daily and is not tired from school or work, aids the learning process dramatically.
    Atmosphere of the lessons: It is widely acknowledged that the young learn a tremendous amount through play. So ask yourself, is the atmosphere stimulating and happy, one in which learning can take place? Does the teacher inspire confidence? Does he or she teach patiently and keep kind but firm control of the class? Students should be encouraged to learn at their own pace and to gain a range of positive experiences.
    Qualifications of the teacher: Ensure the teacher has proper teaching qualifications. In Britain these are obtained from the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association ) or STA (Swimming Teachers Association. But many qualifications from abroad are excellent as well.
    Pool Environment: pool water quality should be clear and the changing rooms clean. The optimum water temperature is between 28-31 degrees. There should also be qualified life guards on duty OR the teachers should have life-saving qualifications.
    Parents of students can be of great help to the teacher. The best way to help your child learn is to swim yourself and go down for a fun session to the local pool as often as possible. If you do not swim, at least do not show any fear to your children or be over cautious. If a child swallows water and coughs and cries do not overreact! Fear shown by watching parents can seriously undermine the teacher's authority and destroy the atmosphere of fun and learning.
    At home, talk about your children's lessons and encourage them to try out what they have learnt, in the bath; for instance by washing the face, tricking water over the head and face and blowing bubbles. Lots of praise and clapping helps!
    Swimming is an activity that can be kept up all year round in warm heated swimming pools. It is fun, good exercise and above all it can save the life of yourself as well as your loved ones.

    By Margaret Cader.
    Director Aqua Style Swimming school.
    Bushey Herts and Northwood Middlesex.

    Telephone 07878827425.

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