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    Mobile Swimming Instructor
    Learn to swim (without flotation devices, optional), improve fitness and techniques.
    By Neil Ellison ASA Teacher ASA Coach and NEBOSH Safety Diploma Standard.
    There is lots of information on swimming but you need a coach to indicate the right techniques from the side of the pool to correct your personnel faults this is a very complicate process which I have developed over the years.
    Qualified teacher with grade 2 qualifications and a qualified swim coach.
    Coached for Wigan swim club, which is a competitive racing swim team, as Head Coach.
    Coached at Wigan Wasps and had a World Short Course Gold Medal Winner on my CV.
    Adult swim one 2 one for Credo who run Bolton Swim and Leisure activities.
    My aim is to learn you in your own swimming pool or take you from home to your local fitness centre are your private club to build your confidence instruct in the advance techniques.
    Do you need help improving your swimming or just need a kick-start?
    Or perhaps you are experienced and just need some technical advice to help out, or get you faster.
    Swimming is a perfect all round exercise that can greatly improve your health. Swimmers of all ages and ranges from beginners to national competition level, and are sure to be able to cater for your needs.
    - Private swimming lessons for adults and children.
    - A programme to suit your level.
    - Improve your stroke's and confidence in water.
    - Fantastic exercise for improving dynamic strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular capabilities.
    - Improves body tone.
    - Great for injury rehabilitation.
    - Private swimming format provides optimum learning environment.
    - Dry Land Techniques.

    SWIMMING Lessons


    4 Shoemaker Garden, Aspull. Wigan