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Are you a qualified diver looking for a British Sub-Aqua Club branch or someone with a burning passion to try your hand at scuba diving or snorkelling? Vale Royal Sub-Aqua Club, based in Winsford in the Heart of Cheshire, welcomes all.
Vale Royal are a very active dive club, with diving planned for every other weekend from March to November, plus bank holidays and a one week holiday each y  more...
Vale Royal Sub-Aqua Club

DIVING Courses, Activities, Holidays, Club/Assoc
The is the home of one of south Manchester's friendliest, family orientated Scuba diving clubs.
The diving club, established in 1971, has always been one of manchester's largest dive clubs, and even in the current climate the club is bustling with events and activates, for all members of the family.
The Club is especially proud of the way all members are encourage to be active and participate in club events, indeed like many clubs without willing volunteers the club would have folded m  more...
Hazel Grove Sub Aqua Club

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