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    Boots N Paddles
    Keeping In Touch - Summer 2012
    Hi there, despite having been subjected to some rather topsy turvy weather, thankfully it doesn't appear to be putting too many of our customers off, with lots of bookings still coming in. You may also notice that we've changed our newsletter layout slightly to make it easier for mobile device users to read. We'd love some feedback on the new layout.
    What's in this issue?
    The Segways have arrived
    Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society take on the Spey
    Fiona Outdoors joins us on the Great Glen
    Boots N Paddles join forces with the Kingsmills Hotel
    New TreeZone website
    Luxury Hamper winner
    Free Prize Draw
    The Segways have arrived
    Last time we told you that we were waiting for the arrival of a fleet of new Segways...well they are here at last. If you're still not sure what they are, Segways are "two-wheeled self-balancing people transporters". They use space-age gyroscopes combined with all-terrain tyres to ensure that you stay upright while exploring some awesome Highland scenery and having amazing fun. Segways produce zero emissions, virtually no noise and it is impossible to describe the rush of riding one. We will be running most of our sessions on the Rothiemurchus Estate, but because it's a mobile activity like everything we do, we already have a few bookings elsewhere.
    At Rothiemurchus, on our Segway Adventure we start off on a nice flat open field to get used to controlling the machines before heading out into heather moorland, and finally learning ascent and descent techniques on a tricky wee hill. For those wanting to break themselves in more gently we also offer a Taster session. Want to try? Book on the Rothiemurchus website for sessions there or contact us if you'd like to try them somewhere else.
    Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society take on the Spey
    We're working with the WDCS to run two River Spey fund-raising canoe expeditions this year. With two weekends in the calendar, participants will sign up to take on an exciting 3-day Spey canoe challenge under the watchful eye of our guide. In doing, so they will also be raising money for this extremely worthwhile cause and of course raising awareness. Find out more about the society and the River Spey challenge on the WDCS website. (one of the weeekends is now fully booked).
    Fiona Outdoors joins us on the Great Glen
    Our senior instructor Ade Hopkins and Booking Co-ordinator Pam have recently returned from a Great Glen Canoe Expedition. Pam, who joined us in November last year, got her first experience of the Great Glen on the water rather than from the A82, and we now have a new canoe fan in the office. Joining them on the trip were Scottish and American guests, as well as Fiona Russell (perhaps known better in her journalistic capacity as Fiona Outdoors). Fiona is a widely published journalist, a knowledgeable and engaging web copywriter, a professional blogger and social media networker. The unseasonal weather could have been kinder to the group but they arrived at the end of their expedition with a huge sense of satisfaction and enjoyment to remember.
    Boots N Paddles join forces with the Kingsmills Hotel, Inverness
    We've recently formalised a partnership with the superb Kingsmills Hotel in Inverness. Built in 1786 for William Inglis who was later to become Provost of Inverness, the original house is the heart of the hotel, ensuring you can experience a piece of Scottish Heritage, steeped in the elegance and charm of a building of this age. You can still see the ornate ceiling and cornice in the Adams Lounge. We've worked with the hotel in the past but will now be offering activity packages in conjunction with the hotel's wonderful facilities. With a day for friends and media just passed, we hope that lots of local businesses, or perhaps visiting corporate groups will take advantage of the great facilities and fun activities on offer.
    New TreeZone website
    If you've been on having a look at the TreeZone website recently, you may have noticed that it looks a bit different. Boots N Paddles' Calum has been working with Beccy at TreeZone, Adrian Robbins of Robbins Associates and Martin Little of CL Online to develop and launch the new site. We, of course, think it looks great but the most important thing is that customers find the experience to their liking. If you have any comments about it at all, good or bad, we'd like to know.
    Luxury Hamper winner
    We're very happy to announce the winner of our recent free prize draw for a luxury 'Munro Hamper' from Scottish Hampers. The hamper was won by Robin Downie, from Glasgow, who was pleasantly surprised to find out he'd hit the jackpot, and won this lovely selection of goodies.
    The timing couldn't have been better as Robin was soon to be embarking on a week long walk in the Highlands: perhaps with an additional tasty treat or two stowed in his rucsack.
    The draw was open to all subscribers of our newsletter.
    Free Prize Draw
    This quarter, we're offering 4 passes for TreeZone to one lucky subscriber of our newsletter. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is keep on subscribing and we'll draw the winner after the closing date of 31st August.
    [Please note that the passes are not exchangeable for cash. The draw will be made after Friday 31st August and the winner will be contacted shortly thereafter. Boots N Paddles reserve the right to publish the name of the winner in the subsequent newsletter, on our Facebook and Twitter pages and on the Boots N Paddles' website].
    Bits 'n' Pieces
    Next Leave No Trace, 2-day trainer's course will be on 22 & 23 September 2012 - email Calum if you are interested.
    Gift vouchers: Looking for ideas for a birthday present? Why not treat someone to a Boots N Paddles' activity voucher? You choose the amount that you want to spend, and the lucky recipient can redeem it against any Boots N Paddles, activity, holiday or day out. Give us a call on 0845 612 5567 to find out more.
    Canoe and kayak hire enquiries continue to arrive thick and fast. If you'd like to hire equipment from us find out more on our Canoe hire web page.
    Fancy a canoe holiday this year? Find out more about our Great Glen Canoe Trail, and River Spey holidays or join our Early Morning Wildlife Canoe Trip.
    Heading for the outdoors? Remember to have a look at the Scottish Outdoor Access Code or the Paddlers Access code if heading out in a canoe or kayak. See our website for more information.

    BN1 Kitesurfing
    BN1 Kitesurfing Lessons
    Just a quick email to remind you all that kitesurfing is not over yet and we still have great conditions gracing our shores. The evenings are slowly drawing in but there is still plenty of time to brush up on your kitesurfing. I'm still running sessions weekdays, evenings & weekends so feel free to contact me if you fancy booking in a lesson or two before the season is out ...

    Kent Scuba
    16th September - Night Diver Specialty
    Discover the adventure of night diving.
    Even a familiar dive site can change beyond all belief as darkness descends and the aquatic life changes from the day shift to the night.
    Everything takes on a different feel - your senses become sharper - your attention is drawn by the fascinating creatures of the nocturnal marine ecosystem - and you're hooked!
    What is involved: During the theory presentation you will learn about night diving equipment, how to plan night dives and special night diving techniques and considerations, including buddy techniques, the selection and preparation of diving torches etc. And the best part - 3 open water night dives.
    Course Prerequisite: Open Water Diver (or Junior. Open Water) or equivalent.
    On completion of the course you will be awarded the PADI Night Diver Speciality award. This speciality can be accredited as one of the five speciality ratings a diver has to attain to achieve the highest non-instructional qualification on the PADI curriculum - Master Scuba Diver.
    Current Price: �130 - inc of manual & PADI processing.

    Poole Windsurfing
    Pegasus Airlines PWA World Cup - Final Day Racing
    Its been a great windy event at Alacati, Turkey for the Professional Windsurfers Association. The culmination of the racing was the last day elimination 9 - Mens Final. Despite a great last winning race from Josh Angulo, the overall event winner was the mighty Antoine Albeau.
    Words From The Winner - Antoine Albeau.
    "It's great to be back at the top of the podium. Alacati is always great we had wind almost everyday and we had some great racing. It's going to be another epic battle with Bjorn Dunkerbeck and I am already looking forward to Sylt, hopefully we get similar conditions."
    The next stop on the PWA World Cup Tour will be the 2012, KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, Klitmoller, Denmark. Keep checking back to our Top Windsurfing Tips & Latest News for up to date coverage of the event.
    How To Rig Your Windsurf Sail Correctly
    Windsurfing should be fun and the less time you spend trying to figure out how the various bits of kit fit together the better! It is particularly important to know how to rig a windsurf sail correctly. A properly tuned windsurf sail feels light, responsive & make your windsurfing session much more fun! A badly rigged windsurf sail will feel heavy, sluggish & put a real downer on your windsurfing!
    When you break down the stages of rigging a windsurf sail it really isn't that big a deal to get it right. The common misconception that it takes a lot of time & effort to setup windsurfing equipment is blown away when you know exactly what to do!
    You can always follow the rigging guide that is printed at the foot of all good windsurf sails, to know exactly what length mast to use, what length mast extension to use and what length to set your boom at. Good windsurf mast extensions & booms have an incremental numbering system, so all you do is read off the sails spec sheet to get the exact setting for the given sail.
    How To Rig Your Windsurf Sail Correctly:
    1. Lay out all the components and check you have everything with you!
    2. Read the spec sheet, usually found at the foot of your sail or on the sail bag
    3. Adjust your mast extension & boom to the specified lengths
    4. Partially roll out your sail across the wind
    5. Insert the mast into the luff tube of the sail
    6. Insert the mast extension into the foot of the mast
    6. Fasten the downhaul rope and adjust according the the visual indicator at the top of your sail
    7. Attach the boom & adjust outhaul according to the measurements indicated on the sail
    8. Tighten the batten pockets just enough to remove vertical creases in the sail, either side of the battens

    Edith May Trading Company
    Tea Room Reopening
    This weekend is the final time that Edith May will slip her mooring in 2012. With a couple of weeks of maintenance to follow, the Tea Room will be reopening on Thursday 25th October, open Thurs-Sun, 1030- 1600.
    Music Nights
    The extremely popular and talented 'Hot Rats Duo' will be kicking off the Edith May's winter music programme, with a gig on the barge on Friday 23rd November, starting at 1930hrs. This will be followed by the return of 'Skinners Rats' on Saturday 1st December. They played a great set aboard earlier this year, with enjoyable folk tunes and singalong classics. Tickets for both are �7.50 and can be bought online by following this link -
    Cream Tea Cruise - 4/9/12 and final dates of the summer
    Sailing dates
    Make the most of the end of summer - Cream Tea Cruise departing Lower Halstow tomorrow at 1400hrs. Up to 7 spaces remaining. Call 07814950442 to book your place.
    Tue - 04/09/11 - CTC - 1400-1700 - 7
    Wed - 05/09/11 - CTC - 1430-1730
    Thu - 06/09/12 - Chatham - 0 - FULLY BOOKED
    Sat - 08/09/11 - Colne - Match
    Tue - 11/09/11 - Chatham - 0900-1700 - 0 - FULLY BOOKED
    Wed - 12/09/11 - Chatham - 0900-1700 - 0 - FULLY BOOKED
    Thu - 13/09/11 - Chatham - 0900-1700 - 0 - FULLY BOOKED
    Fri - 14/09/11 - LC - 1030-1330 - 0 - FULLY BOOKED
    Sat - 15/09/11 - LC - 1115-1415 - 0 - FULLY BOOKED
    Sun - 16/09/11 - LC - 1145-1445 - 0 - FULLY BOOKED
    Mon - 17/09/11 - LC - 1215-1515
    Tue - 18/09/11 - CTC - 1300-1600
    Wed - 19/09/11 - CTC - 1345-1645
    Thu - 20/09/11 - CTC - 1430-1730
    Sun - 23/09/11 - Halstow - 0630-1700 - 6
    Mon - 24/09/11 - Halstow - 0730-1900 - 10 - UNCATERED
    Tue - 25/09/11 - Chatham - 0900-1700
    Wed - 26/09/11 - Chatham - 0900-1700
    Thu - 27/09/11 - Chatham - 0900-1700
    Fri - 28/09/11 - LC - 1030-1330 - 10
    Sat - 29/09/11 - LC - 1100-1400 - 8
    Sun - 30/09/11 - LC - 1145-1445 - 0 - FULLY BOOKED
    Lunch Cruise @ �45
    Cream Tea Cruise @ �40
    Chatham Day Cruise
    Lower Halstow Day Cruise
    Day Cruises - �60 uncatered, �100 fully catered
    Barge Championship
    This weekend sees the final race of this year's Championship, held on the River Colne in Essex. Following the dramatic twists of last weeks match at Southend ( barge-match-26-8-2012/), Edith May is now joint second with Repertor, three points behind Lady of the Lea and three points ahead of Edme. With a maximum eight points available, it is anyones game.
    Charter Spaces
    The next round of 1hr trips (�15 departing 1100, 1330 and 1500) from Chatham are 28th/29th August. 3hr evening cruises (�30, departing 1800hrs) are also available on both these days.
    There are lunch cruises (�45) on Friday 31st August and 14th September with up to 8 places available on each day.
    For those looking to join us for a fuller experience, Sunday 23rd September is a fully catered day from Halstow with 8 spaces available (�100).
    If any of these are of interest, please do get in touch by email or telephone, 07814950442.
    If calling the landline, 01634 365343, please leave an answerphone message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Errant Surf Holidays
    Space Left for Quiksilver Pro France (Will Fanning win again?)
    Mick Fanning (AUS), 31, has claimed the 2012 Billabong Pro Tahiti over compatriot and Gold Coast stablemate Joel Parkinson (AUS), 31, in classic four-to-six foot (1 - 1.5 metre) waves at Teahupo'o. In a few weeks time Mick and the other top 43 surfers in the world will be at the Quiksilver Pro in France (WCT). We have some ace accommodation 400m from the contest site. Rent one of the chalets for �360 for 7 nights (in total not per person) and it can sleep up to 4 people! 6 person chalets, airport transfers, surf lessons and surf hire also on request.
    Wipeouts - 4* Surfing - Kelly Slater
    How to Handle a Bad Wipeout!
    There are a few things in life which are certain. Taxes, death and wipeouts. Errant Surf blogger Dom Moore give us an insight into handling them better. Wipeouts, not taxes or death.
    4* Surfing In Spain
    This September and October break away to Cantabria in Spain. Surf and stay with us in the stunning 4* hotel Toress. Receive quality surf coaching from the regions most experienced coaches and sample the local wine and seafood. Prices from �535 per person, including return flights from London, 7 nights in en-suite double or twin room with breakfast, five mornings surf coaching for all levels, all surf hire and return airport transfers.
    Surf with Kelly Slater in France
    Join us at this years Quiksilver Pro in France (WCT). Grab some friends and enjoy a 7 night stay, private airport transfers and return flights from London or Manchester to Biarritz from only �153 per person!
    Surf News - Sri Lanka, Morocco and How to..
    How to choose the best surfing beach for your ability
    With thousands of beaches around the world, have you ever wondered what it takes to find the best one for your surfing level? Errant Surf blogger Dom Moore tells us more.
    Surf Morocco This September With 25% Off!
    Beat the summer wash out and head to Morocco next month and save a massive 25% off all our surfing holidays at the Hash Point Surf Villa on the beach in Taghazoute, Morocco.
    7 Nights stay was �199 now �150 per person or 7 Nights stay, all meals, surf equipment, surf lessons was �380 now �285 per person. Use the code "CORAM".
    Sri Lanka - The Ultimate Winter Surf Destination.
    If you are thinking of heading away this winter and want to surf somewhere with super fun waves without the wetsuit, then think Sri Lanka. Just south of India, Sri Lanka gets surf from September - March every year and is a magical trip for any level of surfer.
    Nestled in the bay of Weligama the Eco Surf Lodge has been our number one tropical winter destination for two years running and is setting itself up for another great year. To find out more visit the Eco Surf lodges on our website.
    Surf Boat Fuerteventura & Surf Yoga Retreat Portugal...let the good times roll!
    Happy International Surf Day!
    To celebrate International Surf Day we have launched two very cool and very different surf holidays. From June 2012 we are now offering you the chance to join us at the Surf & Yoga retreat in Portugal and on board the surf charter boat in the Canary Islands.
    Check out some fast facts on both of these new surfing holidays.
    Surf and Yoga Retreat - Portugal
    Season: May - October
    Airport: Lisbon
    Transfer time: 20 minutes
    Suitable for: Couples, singles and families
    Price range: from �469pw
    Extra: Swimming pool, child care, excellent yoga teachers and close to Lisbon city.
    Surf Boat - Canary Islands
    Season: September - May
    Airport: Fuerteventura
    Transfer time: 20 minutes
    Suitable for: Groups of friends
    Price range: from �529pw
    Extra: Boat trip without breaking the bank. Uncrowded waves and access to remote surf spots. Diving, sailing and life on the high sea.
    New Surfing Locations For Summer 2012
    Kick back with a brew and check out Errant Surf's new summer surfing locations for 2012.
    Surf Camping in SW France
    For �199 you can spend the week with us at one of our camping based surfing holidays in Hossegor, South West France. Join a team of international elite surfers and gain new skills using the latest in video surf coaching.
    This is a perfect way to hit the surf in the sunshine and receive top quality surf coaching, all without busting the bank!
    The weeks run from 7th July - 9th September 2012.
    Luxury Surfing in Costa Rica
    Since 2006 Errant Surf Holidays has provided luxury surfing around the world. Our latest addition is right up there in terms of luxury! If you want the ultimate in beach side accommodation, surf experience and chill time then this is it! New for summer 2012.
    Sangria, Surf and Sun - Lanzarote
    The stunning Los Mojones luxury villas are a breath of fresh air. The perfect place to relax after surfing in the warm waters of Lanzarote. Each villa has a master bedroom with double bed and en-suite bathroom and 2 twin bedrooms. Private villa, surf coaching, transfers, lunch and all equipment for only �399!
    Other News
    In the last week we hit Facebooks maximum friends of 5,000 and they have capped it :-( however many of you still want to use Facebook to keep up to date with our latest news, offers and banter. We have a "page" which if you "like" you could win a surfing holiday in Morocco!
    Max and the team in Newquay have been busy with the start of the season; the reviews are coming in thick and fast, check them out!
    We are also in the final stages of launching new dates for the Morocco Longboard Weeks in Jan 2013 and an exclusive boat trip to the South Atolls in the Maldives in April 2013. If you would like to register your interest before it goes online, please e-mail Chris.

    Purple Marine
    Boat Show Offers
    14th - 24th September 2012.
    Although we wont be attending this years boat show to coincide with this years PSP Southampton boat show we have some amazing offers on our Laser boats. We have some very special boats from the London 2012 Olympic Games held in Weymouth, these are strictly first come first serve and are actual boats used in the games.
    All boats come with full 1 year warranty.

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