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    Sealife Adventures
    Sealife Adventures Trips
    Sealife-adventures is a Visit Scotland 4 star Wild Life Experience. We run wildlife, whirlpool and whale watching trips from our purpose-built easy access pontoon and private car park on Seil, a scenic 30 minute drive south of Oban. Our boat offers a unique combination of uncrowded comfort, stability and exceptional speed from silenced twin engines. All trips are skippered by David, a marine biologist who has been an owner/skipper in this area for 25 years. Our enthusiastic wildlife guide will provide commentary and an endless supply of hot drinks and biscuits - there is a washroom. We've had some great trips this May with good sightings particularly of eagles and some dolphins, and are looking forward to the summer ahead! We have scheduled the following trips for the next few days, pre-booking is strongly advised. We can schedule in other trips to suit you. Please phone us on 01852 300 203 (eve and weekend) or 01631 57 10 10 (office hours), if you wish to book or for more information or if you wish us to schedule in more trips.
    4 hour whale & Corry - Mon July 9th, 2012 14:00 - spaces
    3hr Corry Wildlife Cruise - Tue July 10th, 2012 11:45 - spaces
    3hr Corry wildlife cruise - Tue July 10th, 2012 15:00 - spaces
    3hr Corry wildlife cruise - Wed July 11th, 2012 9:45 - spaces
    5 hour whale & Corry - Wed July 11th, 2012 12:45 - spaces
    3hr Corry wildlife cruise - Thu July 12th, 2012 9:00 - spaces
    4hr Whale & Corry - Thu July 12th 2012 12:00 - spaces
    5hr Whale & Corry - Fri July 13th 2012 9:45 - spaces
    5 hour whale & Corry - Sun July 15th, 2012 9:30 - spaces
    3hr Corry wildlife cruise - Sun July 15th, 2012 14:30 - spaces

    Poole Windsurfing
    Photo Action From Beginners Windsurfing Lessons
    The windsurfing season is in full swing now and our windsurfing students have been having great fun out on the water (despite the lack of sunshine!). Much of the windsurfing action from the beginner and improver lessons has been captured on camera and can been viewed on our Photo Gallery Page.
    All the action is split into Beginner, Improver & Advanced windsurf courses & albums made for each month of the season to make it easy to find what you are looking for. You can even hover over the images to be shown what month it was taken in, making it even easier to find photos from your lessons.
    We also have the following albums for you to look through:
    . The Poole Windsurfing School - setup, equipment & teaching venue
    . Poole Harbour Sunsets - it may be in the UK but the sunsets here are amazing!
    . Poole Harbour & Sandbanks Area Photography - to showcase what is some of the best coastline in the UK
    . Poole Windsurfing Holiday Locations - Location & action shots from planned holiday destinations
    The forecast for the summer holidays is looking really great, with a nice steady breeze, sunshine and warmer temperatures. The jet stream is on the move at last following a lengthy spell when it became lodged across southern England, bringing low pressure systems and unsettled weather. Maybe summer is finally on its way? Have a look at our windsurfing lessons options and make the most of the summer holidays by learning how to windsurf.
    Hope to see you out on the water this summer.
    Big Wave Windsurfing at Peahi Jaws Hawaii
    A massive milestone in windsurfing wave riding is to tackle the famous wave of Peahi, known as Jaws! The top watermen of Hawaii see this as the monster of all waves and to ride it puts you up there with the elite of windsurfing. In this video you can follow some of windsurfing's young guns, Conner Baxter, Kai Lenny and Graham Ezzy taking on Jaws for the first time.
    As it says in the video, riding waves of this magnitude is all about team work. You definitely need the skills to pay the bills but also a backup team to help launch and be there to pick you up with a jet ski should it all go wrong!
    Timing is everything not just with the actual windsurfing on the wave but also with the backup crew being in the right place at the right time. The young guys riding Peahi, Jaws in Hawaii are the future of windsurfing and should being pushing the sport to new levels over the coming years.
    How To Windsurf Guide - Part 2
    In this second part of our how to windsurf guide, we will take you through an exact plan of action that has over the years proven to work most effectively in taking someone who has never windsurfed and turning them into a proficient windsurfer in the least amount of time.
    In our How To Windsurf Guide - Part 1 we gave you the basic steps to take before even getting out on the water, including physical physical preparation, mental preparation and focused training exercises. Read back over part 1 of our guide to windsurfing, to make your first windsurfing experience much smoother & more enjoyable.
    Right, lets get down to the plan of action that has seen windsurfing students at the Poole Windsurfing School progress from complete beginner to competent advanced windsurfer (using the harness, planing, in both footstraps and starting to carve gybe) in just a few months...
    1. Make your first step be taking windsurfing lessons - The point we touched on in part 1 of our how to windsurf guide, about taking windsurfing lessons, is really the starting point for your focused training. Without formal windsurfing lessons you could literally go years before you become half decent at the sport. Windsurfing is one of the best sports I know but due to the nature of its components you have to combine a lot of skills all at the same time to achieve results. There is the board balance, sail control and wind awareness which all have to be mastered and developed at the same time.
    A good length for a full beginners windsurfing course is 2 lessons of 3 hours each. This will give enough tuition so that you are armed with the skills and knowledge necessary to then take things into your own hands for a while and practice what you have been taught with some supervised windsurf hire.
    Make sure everything you will need is included in the price of your windsurfing lessons (tuition, equipment rental, wetsuit, buoyancy aid, wetsuit shoes). It is important to check the quality of service you will receive. Here is a little check list of what you should be getting with your windsurfing lessons:
    a. Quality tuition from experienced windsurfing instructors
    b. An on-land simulator session for the all essential muscle memory training
    c. The latest windsurf equipment to make your learning easier
    d. A Follow up program designed to help you progress with your windsurfing
    If possible, find and read some testimonials from other satisfied windsurfing students who have been to the windsurf school you are thinking of using. Positive feedback from past windsurfing students is always a good sign that your chosen windsurfing school is doing a good job.
    2. Fine tune your skills with supervised windsurf hire - Stay committed to your learning by signing up to a windsurf rental program designed to maximise your progression. The biggest mistake people make when learning any new sport is to loose focus after the initial experience. People often have every intention of continuing with their new found passion but never put in place a plan of action to continue their developed. It is very easy to let things slip when you have a busy schedule, yet out of everything, sport & leisure is what we should always be prioritising - quality of life and all that!
    A really good way to keep your focus after your initial beginners windsurfing course is to get yourself on a windsurf hire scheme, a 10 hour discounted hirecard will roughly give you the amount of 'on-water' time needed to consolidate your skills before moving on to an improvers windsurf course. Obviously the amount of time it takes to feel competent with the basics varies from person to person & also depends on your chosen windsurfing location and weather conditions but generally anywhere from 10 to 20 hours of 'on-water' time will give a really good foundation in windsurfing.
    3. Push your learning to the next level with improver windsurf lessons - Its all very well getting past the basic steps of windsurfing but to really unlock the sports potential you need to top up your knowledge with some improvers windsurfing lessons. Once the beginners windsurfing lessons and initial supervised hire time are under your belt its time to learn the intermediate stages of windsurfing. These intermediate windsurfing courses are best taken in 2 hour modules, where your instructor can focus on one or two essential skills (beach starts, harness, faster tack, gybes, stance, etc).
    With focused training you can quickly master these improver windsurf skills, 2 hours of instruction mixed with supervised hire time in-between to really get to grips with the new skills you have been shown. After an initial 2 hour lesson, practice is essential, don't move on to another module until you are either happy with the skills or feel you need to go back for a refresher lesson on the same skills. There is absolutely no harm in taking a few lessons on one particular improver windsurf skill, such as beach starts, to make sure you really do have it mastered!
    4. Continued training with more practice and lessons - In between each of your improver and subsequent advanced windsurfing lessons you should hire windsurfing equipment to consolidate your learning. Hiring windsurfing equipment also gives you a great opportunity to test out different size boards & sails, so that should you want to buy your own windsurfing kit at some point, you will have a fair idea of what suits your size & current ability level.
    So, that's an overview of how to plan your windsurfing training, maximising your progress and fun! In our How To Windsurf Guide - Part 3 we will give some top tips for learning the basics of windsurfing, including getting into the start position, making static 180 degree turns, achieving a good sailing position and steering up/down wind.

    Belfast Sea Safari
    Water taxi to Carrickfergus Castle for Armed Forces Day this Saturday with the Belfast Sea Safari. Only 7 seats left
    FUN Water Taxi!
    Travel to the Carrickfergus Armed Forces Day in Style!
    Looking for things to do this Saturday?
    It's a FREE day out at Carrickfergus Armed Forces Day! See a Tornado fly-by, the Sea King Helicopter, a Parachute display, Massive Naval Ships in the Harbour, plus family entertainment and much much more!
    PLUS our Clearsky Adventure Mobile Unit will be there with:
    Climbing Tower FREE!
    Archery FREE!
    Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting FREE!
    Giant Fireman Sam Slide FREE!
    Abseil of Carrickfergus Castle FREE!
    There will also be speedboat tours running every half an hour from Carrickfergus Marina for the Armed Forces Day only! At just �10 per person, don't miss out on this chance to see Belfast Lough as never before!
    LAST 7 SEATS on the water taxi trip to Carrickfergus from the Odyssey Marina in Belfast!
    Call 028 437 23933 to book.
    Looking for things to do this Sunday?
    Our Titanic Adventure Tours will be operating and there are still some seats available...
    10am - fully booked
    11am - fully booked
    12pm - fully booked
    1pm - 4 seats available
    2pm - 5 seats available
    3pm - 6 seats available
    4pm - fully booked
    To reserve your seats please call us on 028 437 23933 or email
    Looking for things to do next week?
    Then try one of our new Sea Safari picnic trips!
    Carrickfergus Castle picnic!
    Salt Island picnic!
    Angus Rock Lighthouse picnic!
    For more packages and costs call us on 028 437 23933 or email
    Open picnics!
    To see the seals at Angus Rocks lighthouse and enjoy your picnic while you watch them play, join us on our open picnics to Angus Rocks Lighthouse on 8th and 15th July! contact us for more details.
    Sunday 8th July - 4.30pm
    Sunday 15th July - 11.15am
    July - upcoming events
    Our sister company, the Clearsky Adventure Centre, has lots of exciting events coming up for all ages! Moonlight Kayaking for adults, summer camp for children, Family Adventure Days for families and Coasteering for the more adventurous!
    Tuesday 3rd July - Full Moon Paddle Power - beginners Kayaking session
    8th, 15th & 22nd July - Family Adventure Days
    Saturday 14th July - Couples' Adventure Day
    Saturday 28th July - Improvers' Paddle Power - the next step!
    Sunday 29th July - Coasteering!
    23rd - 27th July & 30th July - 3rd August - SUMMER CAMP!
    We advise that you book in advance by calling 028 437 23933 or by sending us an email at
    Feel free to get in touch!
    Connect with us or visit our websites:
    Tel: +44 (0) 28 437 23933
    We hope to see you there!

    Clearsky Adventure Centre
    Win a night in one of the new camping pods with free activities from the Clearsky Adventure Centre - competition open this weekend only
    FANTASTIC Camping Pod competition! One FREE night and FUN, free bike or canoe hire at Castle Ward!
    The Clearsky Adventure Centre has teamed up with the National Trust's Castle Ward Estate, to offer our customers the chance to WIN a night in one of the NEW camping pods with FREE bike or canoe hire!
    Simply enter the competition on facebook or by email (just reply to this email if you don't have a facebook account, with 'pod competition' in the title) by 5pm on Monday 16th July and you will be in with a chance to win!
    Answer the question below either by email or on facebook and wait for the winner to be announced! (If you enter on facebook, remember to 'like' us or we are unable to notify you if you win.)
    'How many miles is the Boundary Trail section of the new cycle trails at Castle Ward?'
    Share with friends for more chances to win! Share our post on your facebook wall or forward this email to friends and family, for extra entries into the competition!
    Pods are subject to availability, family or standard size pod available, weekdays and weekends available - weekend booking 2 nights minimum (1 night will be free). Free activity options are Bike or Canoe hire.
    Family Adventure Days!
    Plan something a little different for your family this summer! With lots of dates available, Clearsky's Family Adventure Day is a sure winner with kids and adults alike.
    Archery, Canoeing and Orienteering in the beautiful Castle Ward Estate, with a discount off for 4 people or more, don't miss out and book your space today!
    Sunday 15th July - last 6 spaces available
    Sunday 22nd July - 7 spaces available
    Reply to this email or call 028 437 23933 to reserve your spaces!
    Couples' Activity Day!
    Make the most of your weekend!
    Spend some quality time together!
    Try new activities!
    There are only a few spaces remaining on our Couples' Activity Day this Saturday 14th July. Don't miss out, call now to book your spaces! Over 18s only.
    Saturday 14th July - Last 4 spaces available.
    Reply to this email or call 028 437 23933 to reserve your spaces.
    Upcoming Events
    We have lots of exciting events and trips scheduled over the summer, don't miss out - call us now or reply to this email for more information!
    Saturday 14th July - Couples' Adventure Day
    Sunday 15th July - Angus Rock Lighthouse Picnic
    Sunday 15th, 21st, 22nd July - Strangford Sea Safari trips
    Sunday 15th, 22nd July - Family Adventure Day
    23rd - 27th July & 30th July - 3rd August - Clearsky Summer ADVENTURE Camp for kids!
    Saturday 28th July - Improvers' Paddle Power Kayaking trip
    Sunday 29th July - Coasteering & Family Coasteering
    Sunday 29th July - Belfast Sea Safari

    Gone Swimming
    You asked us, and we delivered - here is the Pleasure of Adventure
    Pleasure of Adventure holidays are now available - the ultimate in wild swimming & luxurious accommodation.
    Now available - Pleasure of Adventure
    10th - 17th September
    Limited availability - book now
    We have been busy planning, and you've been waiting patiently - and now we are ready to bring you the Pleasure of Adventure. We have selected a spectacular property in South Snowdonia, and have teamed up with other local providers to offer you Vinyasa Flow Yoga sessions, and not forgetting complimentary massage sessions too. Obviously the spectacular swims, great hospitality and exceptional catering that Gone Swimming are renowned for, come as standard.
    For pricing and availability:
    Monday 10th to Friday 14th
    Friday 14th to Monday 17th
    Monday 10th to Monday 17th
    Visit our website now!

    Edith May Trading Company
    Cream Tea Cruise from Halstow, Thurs 5th July
    Up to 10 places available for this trip around the saltmarsh at Lower Halstow. �40 per person.
    Gift Vouchers
    Vouchers are now on sale for both sailing trips and Tea Room visits. Vouchers come with a presentation card and description of what the day entails.
    Tea Room gifts are available for �5, �10, �15 and �20. They are also valid for merchandise.
    Sailing trip vouchers are as follows:
    Cream Tea Cruise: �40
    Lunch Cruise: �45
    Fully Catered Day Sail: �100
    Barge Matches: �125
    Sailing vouchers come without a date attached, to enable the recipient to book a day convenient for them.
    If you would like any further information on the above events and offers, please do get in touch by email or by calling 01634 365343 or 07814950442.

    Errant Surf Holidays
    Quiksilver Pro Surf Contest - France - �153 - 7 Nights Stay, Flights and Transfers
    Join us at this years Quiksilver Pro in France (WCT). Grab some friends and enjoy a 7 night stay, private airport transfers and return flights from London or Manchester to Biarritz from only �153 per person!

    Surf's Up! Polzeath
    Well hello
    Say "goodbye cloud" and "hello Mr. Blue Sky". She's breaking up man. Yep, that cloud on the left is breaking up as we speak. We've got 2 - 3ft, very light breeze - it's going to be the perfect beach day. Time to dig out the slug huggers and leap around the beach with unbridled joy. No? Boardies then, time to dig out the boardies. My work here is done... see you in the line-up.
    Surf's Up! - Shadows
    I've just looked at the forecast and they've given a 70% chance of rain today! 70% eh? When I rose from my deep slumber at 5.30 this morning, I peered out the window and there was the most amazing rainbow framing the beach as the weather front moved in. It's been pouring ever since and on that basis I raise you to 100%. It would be nice to see a shadow on the beach again soon, please. Anyway I've left the team on the beach to do their thing whilst popping back up to the house to check on Bradders and his assault up the Col de la Madeleine. Since 1995 when we first drove our little Honda Civic on the beach pulling trailer complete with ten boards and a few wetsuits, there hasn't been a year like it.... or even close to it. But spirits remain high and we remain hopeful that the real summer is just around the corner.
    So what exactly does go on... I hear you cry, down at good ol' Polzy when it's like this. Well actually quite a lot.... we've been flat out. We get loads of school groups, both local and further afield at this time of year.. particularly exciting has been our involvement with the Yr 6 schools transition programme and the Olympic activity weeks. Superb in concept and execution... so a big thumbs up to all the teachers and Heads involved in making that happen.
    We do our bit when it comes to Work Experience - over the past two weeks we've put over thirty 'young adults' through their paces. From assisting instructors with lessons, helping in the shop or office, or taking photos.. we've done our best to keep them on their toes. Here's a photo of some of them above, a really good crew... what makes a good crew? Hard working, being intuitive and enthusiastic - it's all about doing the basics well.
    A while back I got nominated as an Olympic Torch Bearer, on behalf of Surf's Up!, for our work with kids. I didn't get the final nod, and thought nothing of it until I saw Jedwood parading through the streets of Dublin, flame held aloft. It was at that point that I was overcome with much bitterness! I was alright up until then! "Let it go, Pete. Just let it go!" But we do our fair share for 'Charidee' and the kids - yeah man, we're down with da kids - and we're proud of that, innit.
    Another snap of our work experience, taken by our work experience. Modelling some of the new stock, which even though I say it myself, is awesome. Make sure you pop into the shop when you're next down and feast on the abundance of new goodies including the solar powered wobbly flowers - hm, not wobbling that much right now! I went down and stole a blue lightweight zipped hoody only this morning with the new SU EST'95 logo on the front. Nice. Oh, and the all new Surf's Up! towel is arriving next week. Very excited about that.
    ps surf lessons (07760 126225), UK's number one, est 1995, all round good guys, accommodation, shop - your one stop surf stop. One stop surf stop? Yeah, quite like that.

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