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    Sealife Adventures Trip Schedule
    Sealife-adventures is a Visit Scotland 4 star Wild Life Experience. We run wildlife, whirlpool and whale watching trips from our purpose-built easy access pontoon and private car park on Seil, a scenic 30 minute drive south of Oban. Our boat offers a unique combination of uncrowded comfort, stability and exceptional speed from silenced twin engines.
    All trips are skippered by David, a marine biologist who has been an owner/ skipper in this area for 25 years. Our enthusiastic wildlife guide will provide commentary and an endless supply of hot drinks and biscuits - there is a washroom.
    We've had some great trips this April with good sightings particularly of eagles and some dolphins, and are looking forward to the summer ahead! We have scheduled the following trips for the next few days, pre-booking is strongly advised. We can schedule in other trips to suit you.
    Please phone us on 01852 300 203 (eve and weekend) or 01631 57 10 10 (office hours), if you wish to book or for more information or if you wish us to schedule in more trips.
    3hr Corry wildlife cruise Sun April 29th, 2012 13:00
    4hr Corry wildlife cruise Mon April 30th, 2012 13:45
    3hr Corry wildlife cruise Tue May 1st, 2012 11:15
    3hr Corry wildlife cruise Thu May 3rd, 2012 10:30
    4hr Corry wildlife cruise Fri May 4th, 2012 12:30
    4hr whirlpool special Sun May 6th, 2012 14:00
    3hr Whirlpool special Mon May 7th, 2012 15:00
    2.5hr Whirlpool special Tue May 8th, 2012 15:30
    5h w'pool special/wildlife Wed May 9th, 2012 12:00
    3hr Corry wildlife cruise Thu May 10th, 2012 10:00

    Pasty Adventures
    Kite clinics with Pasty
    Happy May Day
    Well it doesn't seem like it but summers almost here and before we know it we'll be back in our 5 mill suits (even though i was in it with a hood yesterday)!
    Crazy weather, but it has been windy although not much in the way of quality waves for myself, bar 2 days of south coast excitement.
    Good riddance to the April showers and bring on sunny may!
    Back in march, I qualified as a BKSA coach and as such I can now run more focused clinics both here in Cornwall, around the UK and all over the World.
    I have some exciting ones coming up, so check out below wether you haven't ridden for ages or are looking at ripping up tropical waves?
    There is something for you!
    After a poor winter fishing and a slow start to the season, I am in great need of some sponsorship to help towards travel costs on this years KSP World Championship Wave Tour which kicks off in Guincho, Portugal on 1st June. If you or anyone you know may be able to help, it would be amazing and you would be part of putting Cornwall and the UK on the kitesurfing wave map.
    Please contact me through my website or email for further details.
    Take care and I hope to see you soon.
    Refresher Clinic- Saturday 5th May 2012, Sandy Acres, Gwithian. - �50pp
    Kitesurfing refresher clinic Saturday 5th may 2012 at Sandy Acres, Gwithian, Cornwall.
    Run by BKSA Coach & Kite Surf Pro World Tour rider, Lee 'Pasty' Harvey.
    3 Hours for only �50 per person.
    This is for all the kitesurfers out there who haven't been out for the winter and want to have a recap of everything to get their confidence back for the spring.
    We will cover-
    Kite set up as well as kit maintenance
    Self launching and landing
    Water relaunch
    Getting going
    Upwind and stance
    The forecast is looking perfect - NE 18mph sunny, no swell, so sign up quick as limited space to keep it all nice and personal-
    Meet 10 am sat 5th may in Sandy Acres car park, I will give directions in your confirmation email.
    Spring Wave Clinics 2012 - �60 per person, Sat 12th May- currently full but email if interested
    Intermediate Clinic- Saturday 19th May at The Bluff or Marazion- �60pp
    Intermediate Kitesurfing Clinic with BKSA Coach & World Tour rider- Lee 'Pasty' Harvey
    We will run at either Marazion or The Bluff (you will need a pass) depending on wind direction.
    Price only �60 per person for 4 hours!
    This clinic is for Twin Tip riders who can stay upwind and perform transitions (turn around without falling), who want to improve their riding and give themselves plenty to work on for the summer.
    We will look at-
    Basic jumps
    Toeside riding
    Back rolls
    Front rolls
    And other things as per group requirements, such as- Unhooking, 1 footers, Board offs etc
    Space strictly limited to keep a good level of personal coaching.
    Video feedback will be used.
    Email- to register
    You must be a member of the BKSA to come on this clinic!
    Mauritius Coaching Holiday . Freeride and Wave Paradise 31st Aug 10th Sept 2012 - �1799
    Mauritius, being a long time favourite for Windsurf coaching camps, Lee noticed the potential for a Kitesurf Wave coaching camp during his visit for the 2011 KSP World Tour.
    The Lagoon at Le Mourne offers perfect flat water for perfecting your freeride skills and getting to grips with surf board skills, while the surrounding reef houses 3 perfect intermediate kitesurfing waves.
    More details on the website
    Remember to Follow Us on Twitter @PastyAdventures and Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest news, wind reports and surf checks.

    Poole Windsurfing
    Windsurf Courses and Windsurf Rental - Brand New 2012 equipment
    The windsurf season is now under way at the Poole Windsurfing school and we have lots of shiny new 2012 windsurfing equipment from Goya, RRD & Amex. Our windsurf students have been enjoying all this new windsurfing equipment on their windsurfing courses. People hiring windsurfing boards & sails have been loving the new kit!
    All types of courses will be running throughout the season from beginner and improver windsurfing courses through to advanced lessons and private windsurf tuition. Also, Poole Windsurfing offers a superb windsurf hire scheme where you can pay by the hour or take advantage of a discounted 10 hour hire card that you use during the summer season.
    The latest fleet of 2012 equipment includes extra sizes of boards in the beginners windsurfing range from both RRD & Goya, so there is exactly the right size for everyone. The advanced windsurfing sail range includes 2012 'Guru' & the new 'Nexus' windsurfing sails that will give improver to advanced windsurfers an even greater choice of sail size & type.
    RDM (Reduced Diameter Masts) are still being used exclusively throughout our windsurf school. You rarely go to a windsurf school that uses these masts for their students, they are normally only reserved for the instructors! At Poole Windsurfing we use RDM's for everything from advanced sails right through to using them on our beginners windsurfing courses!
    "They may be more expensive but we really feel the benefit to the students is worth it!" - Terril Winters, Senior Windsurfing Instructor - Poole Windsurfing
    Take a look at our Windsurfing Equipment Page to see more from the Poole Windsurfing School setup. This page showcases our windsurfing equipment and is being updated with shots of all the 2012 windsurfing kit.
    If you are thinking of taking up windsurfing, or getting back into the sport this summer then you really should come and try out the latest kit here at the Poole Windsurfing School!
    How To Windsurf Guide - Part 1
    This is the first part of our how to windsurf guide that will give you the basic steps necessary to enjoy windsurfing. So, summer is just around the corner (we all hope!) and its time to get out there and learn something new that will be good exercise, sociable and fun! Part 1 of our guide talks you through the preparation required before you even get out there on the water. There are several steps, that if taken, will make your first windsurfing experience much smoother & more enjoyable.
    1. Physical Preparation - Now a days it is fairly common knowledge in the sporting world that you need to prepare your body for the physical actions it is going to have to perform. The more physically prepared your body is the easier you will find the core actions required to learn to windsurf. For example, if you include some basic squats (no weights, just the action itself will be enough) in your pre-windsurf lesson training schedule, you will automatically find the action of pulling the windsurf sail out of the water (uphauling) much easier to perform.
    2. Mental Preparation - You may have heard of the term visualisation and understand what it means but do you actually ever put it into practice? In sports, visualisation can really make ALL the difference when learning a new skill or move. The process is very straight forward, you just have to calm your mind and picture yourself going through the movement/skill you are trying to learn. This process literally programs the muscles in your body to do what they need to do and before you know it you will be completing the task at hand, windsurfing off into the sunset! Seriously, by utilising the above visualisation techniques you WILL learn how to windsurf sooner and more effectively than without!
    3. Take Windsurfing Lessons - taking lessons to be shown the actual step by step skills required to learn the basics of windsurfing, including uphauling, static 180 turns, sailing position, steering and if you are going to take a full beginners windsurfing course, how to windsurf upwind/tack & how to windsurf downwind/gybe. All these skills are very specific and detailed but if shown by an experienced instructor, you can learn them easily within the scope of a beginners windsurfing course. The money spent on taking proper windsurfing lessons is so worth it! We so often see well meaning family members or friends trying to help others learn the basics of windsurfing, where the poor learner is making the same mistakes over and over again when all it would take is one small adjustment to get them windsurfing off across the bay!
    4. Focused training with muscle memory - By breaking a skill/move down into its component parts and repeating them over and over at slow speed in a controlled environment is an amazing way to condition your body into achieving results. When you are actually out windsurfing there are a lot of factors at play (the wind, balancing on the board, holding onto the sail) and it can take much trial and error to eventually figure out what is going. With some muscle memory training, once you actually get out on the water your body will just go into auto pilot mode thanks to the repeated slow motion training you have been practicing over and over again on dry land. At the Poole Windsurfing School we use a full motion on land windsurf simulator to get students practicing the exact same physical actions they will need to repeat once out on the water. Muscle memory training is an essential part of learning how to windsurf that everyone should practice if they want fast progression.
    5. Set goals - As cheesy as it may be, setting achievable goals is a really good way to push your learning forwards to the next level. The goals you set have to be achievable otherwise the fun of learning just isn't there anymore.
    There you have it, a simple step by step process to follow, from preparing physically then mentally before taking windsurfing lessons with focused muscle memory training and finally pushing your progress by setting some achievable goals. If you follow the above steps, in order, then your introduction to the sport of windsurfing will be so much smother and your learning curve WILL go through the roof!

    Edith May Trading Company
    26th May - The 104th Medway Barge Sailing Match
    The Diamond Jubilee Medway Match will be held on Saturday 26th May.
    Edith May will be starting at 0700hrs, with the staysail barges, followed by the Coasting Class at 0715hrs and the Bowsprit Class at 0730hrs.
    The start and finish line is at Gillingham Pier and provides the best view of the match. Programmes are on sale and can be picked up at one of the following outlets or posted to you. Programmes cost �2, which goes towards the cost of running the match.
    Baggins Bookshop, Rochester
    City Books, Rochester
    Visitor Information Centre, Rochester
    Johnsons of Rainham,
    Upchurch Golf Club
    Upchurch Newsagents
    Demelza Charity Shop, Rainham
    Queen's Jubilee
    The map of the Avenue of Sail has been published, showing the exact position of Edith May (no. 2) in the Pageant -
    Social Media
    Whilst we try to update the website as regularly as possible, the very latest news, photos and video, can be found via our Twitter (@EdithMayTradCo) and Facebook ( sites.
    National Historic Ships Photographic Competition
    This is an annual competition run by the National Historic Ships and as the Edith May is the current Flagship, we would like you to submit your photos of the barge in to the competition. There are prizes available for all ages and we wish you the best of luck.
    More details can be found here -
    Edith May wins National Flagship Award!
    It is with great pride that we can announce the Edith May has been selected as the National Historic Ships Flagship for 2012. We will be flying the Flagship pennant throughout the summer in this special year of celebration. More details can be found here -
    Sweeps Festival, May 5th-7th 2012
    Apart from the ticket only (available through Medway Council's Box Office) evening gigs with Rory Mcleod on Saturday and Sally Ironmonger on Sunday, we have some great musicians playing aboard the tea room throughout the day.
    Saturday -
    12.15-1pm: Louise Jordan (young signer/songwriter, very accomplished).
    1.30-2.15pm: Border Crossing - duo who perform mostly Scottish traditional songs.
    2.45-3.30pm: Hog Eye Men. Four piece shanty men.
    4-5pm: The Jones Boys - Three piece Irish traditional.
    Sunday -
    11-11.45am: The Beards Folk Band - V. young outfit playing traditional tunes.
    12.15-1pm: Thanet Big Sing Community Choir. 40 man choir who will sing a mix of folk and popular songs.
    1.30-2.30pm: The Hartley Singers. Morris side singing group.
    4-5pm: Rosie Eade. Singer/songwriter from Devon.
    Monday -
    1.30-2.15pm: Stew Simpson. Singer who won the Folk competition for best Royal Wedding Song last year.
    4-5pm: The Old Country Crows. Country folk band.
    Sailing Charters
    There are still a few spaces available for the first trips of the season. If you are an individual or small group, please consider the following dates:
    Wed 9th May - Cream Tea Cruise from Halstow - 3 spaces available (1345-1645)
    Thurs 10th May - CTC Halstow - 8 spaces (1430-1730)
    Sat 12th May - Fully catered day, Halstow - 3 spaces (0630-1700)
    Monday 14th May - Fully Catered, Halstow - 2 spaces (0800-1900)
    Wed 16th May - Fully catered, Chatham - 7 spaces (0900-1700)
    24th May, CTC Halstow, 7 spaces (1345-1645)
    Also, we have a special trip available on the Queens Jubilee Pageant weekend. The Edith May will be in the Avenue of Sail on the Sunday and will be returning back to the Medway on Monday 4th June.
    Whilst the Sunday is fully booked, we would like to invite you to join us for a trip from London Bridge to Gravesend on Monday. This trip will include passing through Tower Bridge - a very special experience, and heading down river with many boats included in the parade. The atmosphere is sure to still be buzzing following the previous days historic event.
    Embarkation is at 1400hrs and we hope to be at Gravesend for 1800hrs. We are moored right by London Bridge station and would recommend catching the train in.
    The trip includes drinks and nibbles and is priced at �125 per person.
    Edith May Tea Room
    The Tea Room will be open Thursday 5th, Good Friday and Easter Saturday, but closed Easter Sunday.
    The final weekend of this season's Tea Room will be 26th-29th April.
    There will be open days during the year at various locations around the coast, details to be announced.
    Edith May at Rochester Sweeps Festival
    We are delighted to be attending this year's Sweeps Festival for the first time. The barge will be moored in front of the castle, on Rochester Pier, where she will be open from 1100-1700hrs on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, serving cream teas and cakes. Various artists will be performing during the day, including a 40 man choir!
    On Saturday and Sunday evenings, we will welcome two of the headline acts from this year's Festival:
    Saturday 5th May, 2000hrs - Rory Mcleod - "A one man soul band, poet and storyteller, singing his own unique upbeat dance stories. A modern travelling troubadour using tap shoes, acappella, harmonica, guitar, spoons and trombone to great effect."
    Tickets �12 (available through Medway Council's box office @
    Sunday 6th May - An Evening with Sally Ironmonger - "Medway's response to Victoria Wood provides an evening of poignant songs - many with a local insight into the magnificence and uniqueness of Medway - delivered with passion, aggression, compassion and a nod to sentimentality."
    Tickets �6 -

    Hobie Cat Centre
    Hobie Exclusive Sailing Gym. Unlimited cat sailing/kayaking for only �69 per month
    Hobie Exclusive is a new club where members are entitled to unlimited sailing on a range of Hobie Cats and Pedal Kayaks including the new Tandem Island. For only �69 per month for an individual membership, boats can be reserved on our new website not just for a few hours but for a full day as many times as you like throughout the year. For more details see the new website where you can download the application forms.
    Membership to Hobie Exclusive is limited to only 50 members to ensure that our customers get the best experience. We have just told 5000+ of you about the scheme so be quick if you don't want to miss out.
    JOIN NOW AT http://WWW.HOBIEEXCLUSIVE.CO.UK download the forms by clicking at the bottom of the home page, fill out and post back to us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Strictly first come first served.
    If you have any queries we would be happy to talk to you on 01202 671661.
    Best regards
    The Hobie Team

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