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    Edith May Trading Company
    Jazz Evening, Sat 28th January
    Local jazz band, 'Vocalion' will be performing aboard the barge on the above date. Hatches open from 1845hrs, music begins 1930hrs. Tickets �10.
    Tea Room
    The Tea Room will be closed over Christmas, re-opening on Thursday 5th January.
    Edith May Tea Room
    Please note that the Tea Room will be reopening on Saturday 22nd October and will then be open every Thursday to Sunday, 1030-1600.

    Hobie Cat Centre
    Come and see us at the London Boat Show stand no: F439 6th-15th January (including ON THE WATER KAYAK DEMOS)
    Dear All,
    Happy New Year to everyone, let's hope that 2012 brings us that scorching windy summer we've been hoping for. As usual we are starting off the New Year with a stand at the London Boat Show at Excel. If you are looking for a good way to start your boating year come and see us on stand number F439 where we will be showing the new lightweight manoeuvrable 'REVO 11.'
    This year for the first time you will be able to come and demo some of our range of pedal kayaks on the water at the show, at peak times this may get busy so give Steve a call on 07966 492577 to pre-book your demo.
    We look forward to seeing you there.
    The Hobie Cat Centre Team.

    Poole Windsurfing
    2012 Goya Windsurfing Masts
    Diagonal FlexT
    The main difference between Goya masts and those of all competition is Diagonal FlexT. No other mast brand offers this technology.
    Diagonal FlexT does not only allow Goya masts to bend to amazing curves, just like all those laboratory photos you know, but while in that shape, they are also enabled to twist extremely lively, working in close synergy with the Goya sails.
    The difference resulting from this feature is expressed by a very simple number: Last winter, also know as the big wave season, between all Goya Team Riders, shops and distributors, we broke a total of three (3) masts. This was only possible through the Diagonal FlexT technology developed by Goya Windsurfing.
    90% Carbon
    Another essential building block of our masts is the use of an all new Goya exclusive Carbon lay up that makes our extreme bend and twist curves possible in the first place. 90% Pre-Preg. 33 million pounds per square inch.
    Wall Thickness
    The equation is very simple. Our wall thickness is at least 50% thicker than the rest of the market, while still being among the lightest weights.
    How is that possible? Again, it's no magic, everything starts with the most advance materials available, built with the same technology that is used in the aerospace industry.
    Bend and Reflex like SDM
    That sounds impossible but when you see that we offer our RDM masts at 490, doesn't that make you curious how quick and stable our 400 is?
    The Goya mast layup gradually adapts to each sizing, enabling us to go from 12 IMCS on our 310 all the way up to 30 IMCS on the 490, while still keeping the same bending percentages or even getting a stiffer bottom section on the larger masts.
    Kai Lenny Joins MFC Hawaii, Maui Fin Company
    2012 is here and MFC is celebrating 26 years in the fin business by working with Hawaiian waterman, Kai Lenny.
    Pio Marasco of Maui Fin Company has this to say about Kai Lenny.
    "We are very excited about our newest collaboration with Hawaiian Waterman and 2 time Stand Up Paddle World Champion, Kai Lenny.
    We've known Kai since he was a little kid and we have been supporting him since the early days. A very motivated athlete with a great personality, Kai fits perfectly into the MFC family; his spirit of Aloha and his amazing qualities will definitely make us proud to have him on our team. He is one of the new Hawaiian Water Ambassadors".
    "In the last years he has achieved many titles and awards, and the time has arrived to develop new fins together, especially for SUP.
    We will support him in his SUP, windsurfing, surfing career; we will be working with him on his new "Hydro-Foil Board" for a top-secret project he has in the works."
    These are some of Kai's achievement in the last couple of years.
    2009 PWA Rookie of the Year-Windsurfing
    2010 SUPWT Sunset Beach Pro Winner
    2010 SUPWT Hawaii Island Pro Winner
    2010 SUPWT World Champion
    2011 SUPWT Sunset Beach Pro Winner
    2011 SUPWT La Torche, France Pro Winner
    2011 SUPWT World Champion
    MFC HAWAII welcomes Kai with open arms and hopes to continue their long standing relationship.
    Marcilio Browne Joins Goya Windsurfing
    We have just had the official word that Marcilio Browne has joined Goya Windsurfing...
    We are happy to share with you the news on the latest addition to the Goya family! Brawzinho is now living on Maui and naturally our paths have merged. He influences wave sailing in amazing ways and will keep on pushing the sport forward in the years to come!
    "Being on Goya is a dream , Francisco has had a really big impact on me as I was growing up . I feel right at home and get along really well with everyone in the company , it all just makes perfect sense and i am really excited for the years to come!"
    Francisco Goya:
    "Braw is on a mission, pushing the progression of the sport on every angle. To have the opportunity to work with him is a dream. He has been breaking down the walls inside the sport for years now and he is just getting started. I believe he got the potential to represent Windsurfing for decades to come."
    Jason Diffin:
    "I'm super stoked to be working with Marcilio "Brawzinho" Browne in to 2012. His sailing style is really inspirational to me. Inventive, powerful, technical and fluid maneuvers combined with a wide range of wave knowledge make Brawzinho incredibly fun and exciting to watch. I welcome the challenge of creating sails that will help Brawzinho reach his competitive and free sailing goals, and I especially look forward to seeing how this R&D will improve the Goya Sails product line. Welcome to the Goya Team Brawzinho!"
    Get fit in the New Year - Windsurfing Lessons 2 for 1 Offer
    The new year is here, why not get fit with 2 for 1 windsurfing Lessons? Amazing 2 for 1 special offers on windsurfing lessons taken with Poole Windsurfing. Valid for purchases of our full Beginners Windsurfing Lessons, buy one course at the normal great, competition beating �79 and get one learn to windsurf course absolutely free! This is a massive saving of �79! This amazing offer is only going to be available for purchases made until the end of Jan 2012.
    Get fit this new year with windsurfing lessons. Windsurfing is a great cardio work out & basically trains every muscle in your body, all whilst having fun learning a new sport! What a way to beat the winter blues & already start giving someone (or yourself) something to look forward to for the summer! Quote WIN21 when you call 01202 237247 to book (Valid for normal & Gift Voucher purchases).
    To see how much fun windsurfing is just check out the video near the bottom of our Beginners Windsurfing Lessons page. This shows some of our past students out on the water at the Poole Windsurfing school, enjoying their beginners windsurfing course. We have a dedicated windsurfing school in the UK's top learn to windsurf location of Poole Harbour, why not make the most of this 2 for 1 windsurfing lessons offer & come join us.
    Purchase In : Jan 2012.
    Valid For : May - Jun 2012.
    Cost : 1 Course FREE! - 1 Beginners Windsurfing Course �79.
    Everything About Windsurf Board Repairs
    Repairing a damaged windsurf board is no easy task unless you have the right tools & know how. One website that really goes into all the detail you would ever need is
    The best place to start with learning how to repair a windsurf board is to understand how they are constructed, that way you know what it is you will be dealing with before you actually start digging around a repair. Get to know everything from the "EPS" expanded polystyrene cores right through to the reinforcements of either fiberglass, Carbon, Kevlar� or combinations thereof. The 'board lady' has a page dedicated to board construction.
    You can get a menu to access information about everything from the tools required to adding non-skid to your finished product.
    Happy repairing and happy windsurfing!
    Used Windsurfing Equipment Bargains
    If you are looking at buying your first windsurfing equipment setup then check out our used windsurfing equipment bargains. Things have been selling fast but we still have a good selection of used windsurf boards and second hand windsurf sails all going for upto half the normal retail prices!
    An up to date price list, along with photos and descriptions for all our used windsurf equipment bargains can be found on the Special Offers - Used Windsurfing Equipment page. With the retail price for windsurfing equipment going up all the time, buying second hand windsurf equipment is a great way to get your foot in the door. Just make sure that you are buying recent stuff, it is very easy to get sucked into buying 'the bargain of the century' from Ebay only to then test it out on the water and find it is next to impossible to use!
    There is a reason we use bang up to date windsurf equipment at the school and that is because the latest kit is easy to use! All our second hand windsurf equipment is from this season or the last.

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