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    Edith May Trading Company
    Edith May finishes 2nd in Championship!
    The Edith May recently competed in the final barge match of the season, securing 2nd place in the Championship in her first year of racing since the restoration. Match reports for each race can be viewed on the website at
    Final Charters of 2011
    There are only a few spaces left on the remaining charters for this year, as follows:
    Cream Tea Cruise, Lower Halstow, Saturday 17th September - 1 place available.
    Fully catered day sail, Chatham, Monday 19th September - 6 places available.
    Lunch Cruise, Lower Halstow, Monday 26th September - 6 places available.
    If you are interested in any of the above days, please do get in touch.
    If you would like a trip for a party of 6 or more, there are limited further days available.
    Summer Charter Dates
    We are now half way through the summer and if you are an individual, couple or small group and have been thinking of booking a trip on the barge for the second half of the year, please consider the dates below:
    3 hr Chatham Cruises @ �30
    Tue 2nd August, 0930-1230hrs - 10 places available
    Thu 11th Aug 0930-1230hrs - 9 places
    Sun 25th Sept, 1300-1600hrs - 8 places (Cream Tea Cruise @ �37)
    Halstow Cream Tea Cruises @ �37
    Wed 31st Aug - 1300-1600hrs - 2 places
    Thu 15th Sept - 1300-1600hrs - 2 places
    Sat 17th Sept - 1400-1700hrs - 5 places
    Halstow Lunch Cruise @ �45
    Fri 29th July 1045-1345hrs - 4 places
    Sat 13th Aug - 1115-1430hrs - 5 places
    Mon 26th Sept - 9 places
    Halstow Day Cruise, Fully Catered @ �100
    Mon 25th July - 0800-1800 - 1 place
    Mon 22nd Aug - 8 places
    Edith May Open Day
    Sunday 3rd July
    The Edith May will be back in the dock at the start of July and open once again to the public. Cream teas will be served from 1030hrs and the day will culminate with a short barge trip to Seagull Island and then back to the barges mooring for up to 12 passengers.
    Tickets for the sailing are �10.
    The barge will be showing off her new winner's pennant, having recently won the Medway Barge Match - full report and pictures can be read on our blog at
    She is off to Suffolk this week to compete in the Passage (Gravesend - Harwich) and Pin Mill barge matches. Places are still available for the remaining matches (nearest towns in brackets):
    Blackwater (Maldon) Match - 9th July
    Thames (Gravesend) - 23rd July
    Swale (Faversham) - 6th August
    Southend - 28th August
    Colne (Colchester/Brightlingsea) - 3rd September
    Places cost �125 per person and include grub for the day. Some matches have evening suppers, which are not included in the price.

    Surf's Up! Polzeath
    Mon 26/09/2011
    Surf's Up! Shorts..... heatwave on the way this week and the surf forecast is as follows:
    Monday 2ft, Tuesday 2ft, Wednesday 2ft, Thursday 3ft, Friday 3ft.
    - light South-easterly winds from tomorrow for the rest of the week, wave period between 9 and 11 seconds.
    What's the wave period? The gap between the wave... the bigger the gap, the better the wave. For example, 5 seconds = locally generated wind swell, rubbish. 14 seconds = long distance travelled swell, bonza! NB. Local wind affects the shape and quality of the wave, not neccessarily the size. A wind with a bit of Easterly is generally accepted as the best at Polzy to hold the face up. If you get the combo of long travelled swell and offshore breezes, the only other determining factor on how good the waves will be, is how the sand is lying on the sea bed ie the sand banks over which the waves break. And at the moment.. the sand is lying good, real good. Here endeth today's surfing lethon.
    Hurricane Katia, Polzeath
    The forecast was "Great Expectations". What we actually got was more, "Wuthering Heights!" The spin off from Hurricane Katia had the potential, in combo with a good spring tide, to create quite a stir at Polzeath. We moved the trailer off the beach two nights in a row in anticipation of a 'biggy'. But in reality, apart from observing the disconsolate man staring into his BMW as if at the round window of a Zanussi ZWG (should have shut your door mate, one more spin cycle, then you can stick it in the drier!) - there was little to cheer about. The highest surge just about reached the top of the beach. 'Much Ado about Nothing' I'm afraid. (You'll notice I'm taking you on a tour of 'book titles that I know' collection. Did you know? I got an 'A' level in English even though I never read the book, Middlemarch - the principle novel of the exams. Genius - although to be fair the grade was poor! There's a lesson there somewhere.)
    Surf's Up! Shorts - last weekend I headed off to Swansea with Findog for a footie match, we stayed there over night. Went to the local water slide place, but had no shorts. Had to buy a fine pair of drawstrings! I looked just like my Dad. None of you were there were you? Phew! : Billy's started Secondary School - all seems to be going well, except for lunch times when they're not allowed to kick a ball around unless your House has accumulated so many points! Grrr, I don't get that at all. Reminds me of when you'd get kids at school who'd bring in notes from home (NTC - not to change) to say they couldn't play games. I tried taking one into Chemistry once (NTC - not to chemistry) but was forced to do the periodic table. Not fair! Lunch time, it's well known, is keepy uppy time. Presumably, to keep some balance, bright kids aren't allowed to find a quiet corner to read a book! Should have been a barrister : first couple of weeks of September have been surprisingly busy considering the weather, it's all been bit Kamizakee (bit of a nip in the air), surf's been okay though : sold those last remaining wetsuits in about 5 mins : few Beach House dates available back end of September and early October if you fancy coming on down, best price, best price, you wan cheap watch? : off to see the Tour of Britain bike race on Thursday passing over Dartmoor, looking forward to seeing how fast they really go : Kelly Slater remains the man to beat on the ASP World Tour, can he really win 11 titles? Amazing.

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