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    Poole Windsurfing
    Francisco Goya at Poole Windsurfing School
    So, Sunday 10th July was the big windsurfing demo day held by Poole Windsurfing & Francisco Goya. All the latest 2012 goya windsurfing equipment was rigged & ready to go. Lucky windsurfers met the man himself, Francisco Goya & then got to test out some of the latest 2012 Goya Windsurfing equipment in some quite nice marginal planing conditions down here at the Poole Windsurfing School.
    Francisco Goya was on hand to answer questions about the latest 2012 goya windsurfing equipment, giving advice about how to rig sails & chat about the new equipment in the 2012 line up, such as the new Banzai sails which enable you to use a smaller size than normal yet still give some good early planing power!
    Most of the Goya Windsurfing equipment was on display & ready to be tested by eager windsurfers! The list of demo equipment included boards such as the Goya Custom Quads, Goya Ones, Goya FXR's and for windsurf sails there were 2012 Eclipse, Guru and Banzai Sails!
    Francisco was helping setup boards & sails along with UK Importer, Rick of Zero Gravity Distribution & Terril from Poole Windsurfing. Francisco was super enthusiastic, telling all about how the Goya windsurfing equipment works and what changes have been made for the coming 2012 season. He is a super nice, genuine guy who clearly has a big passion for everything windsurfing and it was a pleasure to have him take the time to come down to the Poole Windsurfing school and share his knowledge with us!
    Poole Windsurfing provided some of their Billabong wetsuits, wetsuit shoes & some beginners Goya Surf boards & Goya Surf sails for people to get out on the water at Poole Harbour and enjoy the afternoon. With an incoming tide, sun & a steadily increasing breeze, Francisco was a busy man rigging sails for those keen to get out there and do some product testing!
    The location used by Poole Windsurfing is perfect for all levels of windsurfer, from beginners just getting their balance, people practicing their carve gybes and even those getting into the world of windsurf freestyle. The gently shelving, shallow water & steady onshore breeze make for great conditions for progress with your windsurfing.
    Throughout the day Francisco Goya was on hand to sign autographs and general inspire the local windsurfers to get out there and enjoy the sport of windsurfing to the full.
    We already look forward to getting some of the new 2012 goya windsurfing equipment into the Poole Windsurfing school for next season.
    Used Windsurf Equipment Bargains
    Posted: 30 Jul 2011 08:29 AM PDT
    We have just released our 2011 Used Windsurfing Equipment price list and pretty much everything is for sale at 50% of normal retail price! Every season the Poole Windsurfing school takes delivery of the latest windsurfing equipment, so at the end of this current summer season we can sell on all the used 2011 kit. Having only been with us for a few months the used windsurf equipment is in great condition.
    We have everything from used beginners windsurf boards & sails through to top of the range advanced used windsurf sails. We have some of the leading brands in windsurfing, RRD & Goya Windsurfing. Both these companies are market leaders in quality, innovation & regularly win the magazine tests for best windsurf board or best windsurf sail.
    We also have some great used windsurf booms from Amex & used windsurf harnesses from Pat Love. Basically, if you want the cheapest yet best quality used windsurfing equipment available then we can help!
    Buying second hand windsurfing equipment can be a real mine field, due to the technical nature of the sport. At Poole Windsurfing, we can offer retail independent advice about what second hand windsurfing equipment will be right for you. Have a look at our article on Windsurfing Equipment Needed? A Buyers Guide to learn all about how to choose your windsurfing equipment.
    Also, we have a specific article aimed at those new to the sport, who may have just finished their beginners windsurfing lessons and are looking to buy some used beginners windsurfing equipment.
    Lots of our regular windsurfing students have already been reserving their used windsurf equipment, so check out our new used windsurfing equipment page and grab yourself a bargain before its all gone!
    Evening Windsurf Club at Poole Windsurfing School
    Posted: 13 Jul 2011 08:04 AM PDT
    A lot our regular windsurf students have been asking us if we ever run any evening windsurfing sessions and as promised we have now set up an informal windsurf club - 'The Evening Sessions'. This is open to all our past students & friends they may wish to bring along.
    The 1st windsurf club 'Evening Session' runs tonight and is fully booked out!
    Always thinking you should have made more use of the summer time?
    Our regular weekly sessions are for you & your friends to enjoy windsurfing. Progress with a new sport, build your fitness, socialize, work on your tan, have a laugh after work & feel great about yourself!
    Our usual great windsurf hire prices will still apply...
    Hourly Hire Rates
    �10 per hour for beginners/improvers equipment
    �15 per hour for advanced equipment
    The Evening Sessions
    We have been asked for a few variations on the evening/timing for this and having compiled all the feedback we are going to start by running the 'Poole Windsurfing Evening Sessions' on a WEDNESDAY, 6.30pm-8.30pm. We will endeavour to run these sessions every Wednesday but there may be the odd evening that just wont work because of a low tide. If this is the case we will either look at running it on another day just for that week or postpone until the following week.
    If you are bringing someone along who is new to windsurfing we may be able to arrange a taster windsurfing lesson, for them to get them to a level where they can then hire the equipment & practice with everyone else.
    You will be progressing your skills in the best location for windsurfing in the UK, with the latest equipment provided by us at Poole Windsurfing.
    Only �10 per hour for beginners/improvers windsurf hire! (inc. latest equipment & wetsuits)
    Availability will go to those that contact us early. Booking is the same as usual, we ask for a card payment over the telephone to secure your place in the diary.
    You can book weekly or reserve a regular slot by paying for & committing to a given amount of sessions upfront. We are only going to provide a limited evening windsurfing service & once the places are taken that's it for the summer!
    Make sure you get in touch early if you want to be part of the Poole Windsurfing 'Evening Sessions'.
    Windsurfing holidays in interesting locations
    Posted: 12 Jul 2011 02:24 AM PDT
    A lot of people who come to Poole Windsurfing for lessons tell us that they want to learn, so that they are ready for their windsurfing holiday aboard. So we thought we'd do some reviews of interesting windsurfing locations around the world, starting with Tallinn, capital of Estonia.
    The waters off the coast of Estonia are shallow and there is plenty of wind, making it ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts.
    There are many windsurfers in Tallinn and over 5,000 kitesurfing enthusiasts in Estonia.
    Windsurfing in Tallinn is enjoyed in the sea and on the lakes - one of the popular windsurf lakes being Harku. In the winter ice-surfing tracks are opened in Estonia giving the surfing a whole new feel.
    All the necessary equipment and accessories can be rented from the many service providers in coastline harbours, surf clubs and lake side holiday resorts. Most rental outlets require that you have at least basic skills, so make sure you've had your lessons at Poole Windsurfing before you go!
    The best time for surfing in Estonia is from late spring (April) to early autumn (September).
    The capital, Tallinn is a very beautiful medieval town, so if you can, plan an extra few days to look around. The best place to stay is in the historic old town and if you want affordable luxury Tallinn accommodation the best choice is a serviced apartment.
    Here are some of the best places for your Estonian windsurfing holiday:
    . Beaches in Tallinn and P�rnu are best for beginners and intermediate level windsurfers. It is possible to rent equipment at a number of beaches, for example Pirita and Harku.
    . Ristna (Hiiumaa Island). Known as "a windsurfer's paradise". Because of almost constant heavy winds, Ristna is very popular among skilled windsurfers. Equipment rental is also available.
    . V��na-J�esuu (25km from Tallinn). A beautiful beach with great wind conditions.
    . Roosta holiday camp (near Haapsalu, 115km from Tallinn) is the perfect choice for a longer all-in-one windsurf vacation for beginners. Equipment rental is available.
    . Kaberneeme harbour (30km from Tallinn) provides you a beautiful beach with a view over tiny islands and historic fishing villages. Windsurfing equipment rental is available.
    . Saaremaa Island is the largest island in Estonia, and is also a popular destination for windsurfers.
    If you want to know more about the Poole Windsurfing 'holiday quick start' lesson plan please contact us.
    Francisco Goya - Free Windsurfing Demo Day at Poole Windsurfing
    Posted: 01 Jul 2011 02:23 AM PDT
    Ex world champion windsurfer, Francisco Goya based on Maui, Hawaii will be at the Poole Windsurfing school on Sunday 10th July to run a free windsurfing equipment demo day!
    Join Francisco Goya at Poole Windsurfing for a free demo day!
    Here at Poole Windsurfing we pride ourselves on the quality of the windsurfing equipment we use in the school. Much of our equipment comes from Goya Windsurfing, which is owned & run by windsurfing legend & all round nice guy, Francisco Goya.
    From 1pm to 4pm the Goya Windsurfing crew will be down at Poole Windsurfing, showcasing all the latest boards & sails.
    There will be free equipment demo sessions, where you can take out Goya windsurfing equipment on the water. Demo kit will include the 2011 'Just Launched' spring collection of FXR & FXRS, plus the TEST WINNING benchmark Goya Quad and Goya One/ X1 Freestyle. Goya windsurfing sails will include the Eclipse, Guru, Nexus and Freesurf. If that's not enough, ex PWA world champion Francisco Goya will be on hand to talk you through the features of the kit you are trying out!
    Test out the latest Goya Windsurfing equipment free at the Poole Windsurfing Demo Day!
    Lots of next season's 2012 Goya Windsurfing boards & sails will be on display. As one of the few brands in windsurfing that produce both their own boards & sails the cross-pollination is immense and translates into seamless interaction of Goya sails and boards. The photo's here give a sneak preview of the new 2012 Goya Windsurfing equipment and you can read more about what makes these windsurf boards & windsurfing sails so great on the official Goya Windsurfing website.
    Francisco Goya will also be there to give some free windsurfing clinics. Clinics will be run on topics that are in demand on the day. If you need help tuning your kit, cracking those carve gybes or want to learn to forward loop, he is the man who has been there & done that when it comes to anything windsurfing!
    Come on down to the Poole Windsurfing school to test all the latest Goya Windsurfing equipment out on the water for free & chat with the man himself, Francisco Goya!
    Event: Francisco Goya Windsurfing Free Demo Day
    Place: Poole Windsurfing School
    Date: Sunday 10th July 2011
    Time: 1pm-4pm

    Hobie Cat Centre
    Sunday 24th July- Join us at Poole for the Hobie Fun Day, Racing BBQ Beach Games and free Kayak Demos
    Hobie Cat Europe and the International Hobie Class Association with the participation of the Hobie Distributors invite you to participate in the 1st Hobie Cat Day that will take place on July 24th, 2011 at the following places. Bring your Hobie Cat and come along with Family and friends, for water games, fun, introduction to sailing, trials, and even more...
    Have a Hobie Day !
    List of the venues :
    FRA Hy�res, Lancieux, Porticcio, Jullouville, La Baule, Brest, Ile de R�, Br�tignolles-sur-mer, Carnac,
    GRE Perea-Thessaloniki,
    ITA Bolsena,
    IRL Blessington Lake,
    POR Lagoa de Albufeira-Sesimbra,
    GER D�sseldorf, Lake Chiemsee,
    ESP Calafell, Benicassin, Vigo,
    BEL Knokke-Heist,
    SWE Nacka Strand,
    FIN Helsinki,
    GBR Poole,
    BUL Iskar Lake...
    The day will kick off at 1.30pm with The Round Brownsea Island Charity Pursuit Race. Please get to the beach in plenty of time for the briefing at 1.00.
    Bring along friends and family for the Beach BBQ and beach games after the race. Please bring along your own food to throw on the bbq. You are also welcome to have a free demo on the Tandem Island Kayaks. We look forward to seeing you there, if you have any queries email us.
    Paddle round the Pier Beach Festival - Brighton THIS WEEKEND( 2nd-3rd July) including Live music, Boat Demos and a Hobie Charity Race. Come and join the fun!
    Come and join the fun this weekend at the annual charity Paddle round the Pier festival, check out the promotional video taken from last years festival.
    There will be plenty to do for everyone as well as the opportunity to demo our Hobie Mirage Drive Sail Kayaks. There will also be a Hobie Race organised by Brighton sailing club so bring your Hobie Cat down and join the fun. I have attached the poster for the Hobie Racing event and the details of the notice of race can be found below.
    The Hobie Team will be on stand no 153 showing a range of Hobie Cats and Sail Kayaks, come and see us and we will direct you to the on the water demo boats. If you would like to demo a boat either bring along a wetsuit or hop on in your shorts and bring a change of clothes as you could get a bit of a wet bum) Buoyancy aids will be provided. If you would like to contact us over the course of the weekend to arrange and appointment or a demo give steve a call on 07966 492 577 or Hazel on 07966 492575.
    See you there.
    Notice Of race for The Hobie Cat Charity Race
    Venue and Dates.
    The event will be held at Brighton Sailing Club on the 2nd and 3rd of July as part of Paddleroundthepier 2011.
    As defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing
    All boats must have race insurance.
    P.Y. 1000 or Less
    Notify your interest by sending a message through the paddle around the pier website in the dinghy regatta section.
    Please notify us of your interest as soon as possible.
    Entry forms and race instructions will be available at the event.
    �5 per person donated to charity payable at entry.
    MUSTO and Lagoon Watersports
    �500 worth of vouchers from the sponsors
    Prize to the club with the best average result to be shared as that club sees fit. Minimal 2 boats per club entry for that prize.
    9am Registration and sailing instructions in the bar
    9:30 Assist launching the rescue boat and committee boat
    10:30 Briefing
    11:00 Race 1
    12:00 Race 2
    14:30 Lunch
    9:30 Assist launching the rescue boat and committee boat
    10:30 Briefing
    11:00 Race 1
    12:00 Race 2
    13:00 Off the water and assist all boats up the beach.
    14:00 Prize giving at the Lagoon Watersports stand.
    15:30 Lunch
    Parking and storage of visiting boats.
    The entrance to the beach is at the Meeting House Cafe before Hove lawns begin. Access to the beach is freely open before 11am and is locked thereafter. If you require access at another time please make contact through the Paddle website. All boats and trailers will be secured on the beach.
    Sails will be stored in the sail arch.
    There is no free parking available but there is car parks that offer 24hr parking in Brighton. Our nearest car park is under Regency Square which has an exit onto the beach.
    Sheepcote valley campsite is our nearest campsite which is based in east Brighton. Regular buses to Churchill square will leave you with a short walk to the sailing club. Their website is available through the camping and caravanning club site.
    There are all types of hotels and B+B for all budgets available.

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