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    Poole Windsurfing
    Windsurf Flaka - Mastering How to Flaka
    Posted: 10 Jun 2011 02:58 AM PDT
    If you haven't already heard of the Flaka then you are in for a treat, its a super sweet windsurf freestyle move that will have your fellow windsurfers green with envy! Basically, its an aerial upwind 360 - simple.
    Having tried them myself, I can tell you that learning takes some amount of bravery. You will definitely be taking some punishment while you try to figure out just how the windsurf Flaka move is done. The pro's doing them in the videos tend to make them look super easy & completely controlled with no potential for pain!
    Make a note of the summary points at the end of the above windsurfing Flaka clip, its good to have any high speed move such as this broken down into entry, mid & exit with some key pointers for each stage.
    If you want a break from hurling yourself into Vulcans & Spocks (as I occasionally do) then why not hurt yourself in a new way by trying to learn to Flaka!
    Check some of our other posts about windsurfing freestyle moves & windsurf wave moves:
    Forward Loop
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    Summary of the next generation of windsurfing moves & movies
    Keep trying & keep progressing.
    Happy Windsurfing!

    Hobie Cat Centre
    See the new product in action and come and enjoy a day out on Poole Harbour
    Phone us on 01202 671661 to book you demo.
    Or come down as a group and enjoy one of our SAIL KAYAK ADVENTURES - guided Sail kayak tours of Poole Harbour.
    If you are organising a CORPORATE and TEAM BUILDING event and you would like to try something completely different we now run multi-sport corporate days with Hobie Cat Sailing, Rib Riding, Hobie Sail Kayaking and Stand up paddleboard races, fully catered in a marquee on the beach. Book now on 01202 671661.

    Datchet Water Sailing Club
    Saturday 4th June
    2pm - 120 minute pursuit race
    5pm - late - hog roast & purple social with band
    Sunday 5th June
    11am - 100 minute pursuit race
    2pm - 100 minute pursuit race
    4.30pm - prizegiving
    To sign up for the event please go to our online booking.
    Purple Social
    - On a Saturday night, hog roast followed by a live band
    - A prize for whoever can be the most purple
    - For children there will be a raft building treasure hunt
    - You will be able to buy soical tickets on the day

    Surf's Up! Polzeath
    Surf's Up! - Name My Chicken
    The sun is out, the sky is blue, everyone's here, in a suede shoe! There's a song in there somewhere, just couldn't quite find the right phrase to finish it off. Okay so beach update, it's been pretty quiet down here in June and early July. We're alright Jack, because we get a lot of school groups, but I'm sure some businesses who rely purely on footfall will have felt a bit lonely.
    But that has now all changed. It's heaving down here! The St. Minver Brass Band must have felt they were playing on the Pyramid Stage last night there were so many people gathered on the grass by our trailer! It was rowdy, the crowd were cheering for more waving banners and flags, women were reaching out to trying to touch the man with the French Horn (Pascale) - I've exaggerated that a bit, quite a bit. If you haven't seen the band play on a Tuesday night then you should. They're great - they play all the notes not necessarily in the right order. And I'm sure on some occasions I've heard some of the musicians play a completely different song to the one they were supposed to - and got away with it. That's not easy to pull off. So that's every Tuesday 7pm, on the grass bank, standing room only!
    The surf's been pretty good the last few days too. Even I have managed, let me think, nine, yes nine surf's this week! Three of them were yesterday! Back in the line up, get it on. Here's Sam getting some air yesterday.
    Forecast for the next 7 days - pretty settled, looks like we're going to see a lot of the big fiery red ball. Waves? On the smaller side - 2ft, light winds - it's heaven in a little basket if you're a beginner or improver. Lessons everyday at 10am, 12pm and 2pm - best to pre-book (07760 126225). See how I casually dropped that in - genius.
    I'm sure there was something else I was supposed to tell you - um, don't forget that you can now hire directly from us on the beach; um, don't forget to brush your teeth in the morning; um, you don't learn anything from sitting on the side; um, where there's a will there's a wave: um, few dates available at the Beach House in September and the October half term; um, don't forget Kooky's coming to the beach this summer; oh yes, and we have some wicked new stock in the shop, my favourite is the thin hoody, bit like a t-shirt. Retails at �14! �14?
    Right I'm off. It's my birthday today - 45 as it goes. Please, no more chocolate - thanks! Forty-five is a good age. I mean just look at me!
    Enough, time to do some work! This is Pete, signing off.

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