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Canoeing Club/Association

River Wey
(01483) 536407
Wey Kayak Club is one of the top kayak clubs in the country and caters for the needs of over 400 participants of all levels: from beginners to international level canoeists representing Great Britain at European Championships, World Championships, and Olympic Games. All our members paddle in flat-water conditions 'Placid Water' using a wide range of canoes and kayaks built specifically for flat-water racing and suited perfectly for the conditions of the river Wey.  more...
Wey Kayak Club

Snodland, Maidstone, Yalding
0750 762 4911
NEMES Diving and Watersports Academy provide an excellent range of Scuba Diving opportunities and Water Sports. We are based at Holborough Lakes in Snodland, Kent, an 8 acre lake with 11 m depth. As well as Scuba Diving the clear, clean water has also become a very popular venue for open water swimming training with regular free coaching sessions and swim club and also Canoeing, Kayaking and ac  more...
Nemes Diving & Water Sports Academy Ltd

Southwold Beach, Near Gun Hill
+44 (0) 7901 680 740
Southwold Beach Surf Academy offers surf lessons and Stand up Paddle Board Surf Lessons on Southwold Beach for all abilities; from complete beginners to those looking for more advanced surf coaching.
Catching a wave and riding it back in towards the shore for the first time is a special moment, remembered and savoured for a lifetime; come and share the experience with Southwold Beach Surf Academy instructors in Southwold, Suffolk- the premier surf academy on the east coa  more...
Southwold Beach Surf Academy

Symonds Yat East, River Wye, Herefordshire
01600 890129
We are a Family run Outdoor Adventure Company that has been operating since 1986. Along with this experience and our skills we can offer Safe and fun outdoor adventures.
We are very Proud to have our Private facilities. Something that no other company can offer.
Our own Indoor Climbing Wall that's sure to challenge all.
A Purpose built High & Low Ropes Course set in private woodland. From a foot off the ground to 30 feet in the tree tops, this will get you working together and  more...
Wyedean Canoe & Adventure Centre LTD

Thurlby Lake, Nr Swinderby
01636 671367
Newark Canoe Club is a voluntary organisation, which is affiliated to the British Canoe Union. The club meets every Sunday between 14:00 and 16:00 during the summer and between 11:00 and 13:00 in the winter. The Club is located at Thurlby Lake, which is halfway between Newark and Lincoln just off the A46. Based on the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire border, Newark Canoe Club is an active canoeing and kayaking club with interests across the entire spectrum of canoeing and kayaking and a wide r  more...
Newark Canoe Club

077296 20357
We are a local non-profit organisation offering training and assessment in kayaking, open boats and sea kayaking. All ages welcome.  more...
Tynemouth Canoe & Waveski Club

01905 571088
We are a very friendly club that caters for all kinds of paddling and welcome paddlers of all standards and abilities.
Many of our members paddle racing kayaks and compete at regional and national events. We are proud that we have managed to produce a number of international athletes over the years.
We have a large club house on the banks of the river Severn in Worcester, next to the   more...
Worcester Canoe Club

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Bury Canoe & Kayak Club  Bury.  Search for Bury Canoe & Kayak Club
Milton Keynes Canoe Club  Caldecotte, Milton Keynes.  Search for Milton Keynes Canoe Club
Cambridge Canoe Club  Cambridge.  Search for Cambridge Canoe Club
Gailey Canoe Club  Cannock.  Search for Gailey Canoe Club
Dragon Paddlers Canoe Club  Cardiff.  Search for Dragon Paddlers Canoe Club
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Chelmsford Canoe Club  Chelmsford.  Search for Chelmsford Canoe Club
Cheltenham Canoe Club  Cheltenham.  Search for Cheltenham Canoe Club
Chester Canoe Club  Cheshire.  Search for Chester Canoe Club
Macclesfield and District Canoe Club  Cheshire.  Search for Macclesfield and District Canoe Club
Royal Canoe Club  Chessington.  Search for Royal Canoe Club
Deva Canoe Club  Chester.  Search for Deva Canoe Club
Ichthus Canoe Club Chesterfield  Chesterfield.  Search for Ichthus Canoe Club Chesterfield
Chichester Youth Wing Canoe Club  Chichester.  Search for Chichester Youth Wing Canoe Club
Adlington Canoe Club  Chorley.  Search for Adlington Canoe Club
Southbourne Canoe Club  Christchurch.  Search for Southbourne Canoe Club
Copeland Canoe Club  Cleator Moor.  Search for Copeland Canoe Club
Foyle Paddlers Canoe Club  County Londonderry.  Search for Foyle Paddlers Canoe Club
Mercia Canoe Club  Coventry.  Search for Mercia Canoe Club
Civil Service Canoe Club  Croydon.  Search for Civil Service Canoe Club
Rolls Royce Canoe Club  Derby.  Search for Rolls Royce Canoe Club
Midland Canoe Club  Derby.  Search for Midland Canoe Club
Matlock Canoe Club  Derbyshire.  Search for Matlock Canoe Club
Dereham Canoe Group  Dereham.  Search for Dereham Canoe Group
Totnes Canoe Club  Devon.  Search for Totnes Canoe Club
Axe Vale Canoe Club  Devon.  Search for Axe Vale Canoe Club
Green Star Canoe Club  Doncaster.  Search for Green Star Canoe Club
Exmoor Canoe Club  Dulverton.  Search for Exmoor Canoe Club
Teesdale Canoe Club  Durham.  Search for Teesdale Canoe Club
Durham University Canoe Club  Durham.  Search for Durham University Canoe Club
Stonehenge & Pewsey Canoe Club  Eastleigh.  Search for Stonehenge & Pewsey Canoe Club
Scottish Canoe Association  Edinburgh.  Search for Scottish Canoe Association
Shrewsbury Canoe Club  Ellesmere.  Search for Shrewsbury Canoe Club
Exeter Canoe Club  Exeter.  Search for Exeter Canoe Club
Falmouth Canoe Club  Falmouth.  Search for Falmouth Canoe Club
Fife Canoeing Activities Group  Fife Region.  Search for Fife Canoeing Activities Group
Kirkcaldy Canoe Club  Fife Region.  Search for Kirkcaldy Canoe Club
Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club  Fleet.  Search for Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club
Garstang Canoe Club  Garstang.  Search for Garstang Canoe Club
Maidstone Canoe Club  Gillingham.  Search for Maidstone Canoe Club
Hartpury College Canoe Club  Gloucester.  Search for Hartpury College Canoe Club
ADJ Canoe Club  Gloucester.  Search for ADJ Canoe Club
North Cotswold Canoe Club  Gloucester.  Search for North Cotswold Canoe Club
Gloucester Canoe Club  Gloucester.  Search for Gloucester Canoe Club
Solihull Canoe Club  Grand Union Canal.  Search for Solihull Canoe Club
Canoe Wales  Gwynedd.  Search for Canoe Wales
Hailsham & Eastbourne Canoe Club  Hailsham.  Search for Hailsham & Eastbourne Canoe Club
Winchester & District Canoe Club  Hampshire.  Search for Winchester & District Canoe Club
Herts Canoe Club  Harlow.  Search for Herts Canoe Club
Stockton & Thornaby Canoe Club  Hartlepool.  Search for Stockton & Thornaby Canoe Club
Hayle Canoe Club  Helston.  Search for Hayle Canoe Club
Hemel Hempstead Canoe Club  Hemel Hempstead.  Search for Hemel Hempstead Canoe Club
Hereford Canoe Club  Herefordshire.  Search for Hereford Canoe Club
Bishops Stortford Canoe Club  Hertfordshire.  Search for Bishops Stortford Canoe Club
Kingfisher Canoe Club  High Wycombe.  Search for Kingfisher Canoe Club
Hillingdon Canoe Club  High Wycome.  Search for Hillingdon Canoe Club
Adur Canoe Club  Hove.  Search for Adur Canoe Club
Huntingdon Canoe Club  Huntingdon.  Search for Huntingdon Canoe Club
Ipswich Canoe Club  Ipswich.  Search for Ipswich Canoe Club
Deben Canoe Club  Ipswich.  Search for Deben Canoe Club
Lakeland Canoe Club  Kendal, Lake District.  Search for Lakeland Canoe Club
Dales Canoe Club  Knaresborough.  Search for Dales Canoe Club
Knottingley Canoe Club  Knottingley.  Search for Knottingley Canoe Club
Pendle Paddlers  Lancaster.  Search for Pendle Paddlers
Lancaster University Canoe Club  Lancaster.  Search for Lancaster University Canoe Club
Royal Leamington Spa Canoe Club  Leamington Spa.  Search for Royal Leamington Spa Canoe Club
White Rose Canoe Club  Leeds.  Search for White Rose Canoe Club
Leeds Canoe Club  Leeds.  Search for Leeds Canoe Club
Hereford County Canoe Club  Leominster.  Search for Hereford County Canoe Club
Baldock & District Canoe Club  Letchworth.  Search for Baldock & District Canoe Club
Lincoln Canoe Club  Lincolnshire.  Search for Lincoln Canoe Club
Kesteven Canoe Club  Lincolnshire.  Search for Kesteven Canoe Club
Boston Canoe Club  Lincolnshire.  Search for Boston Canoe Club
Grimsby & Cleethorpes Canoe Club  Lincolnshire.  Search for Grimsby & Cleethorpes Canoe Club
Tamar Canoe Association  Liskard.  Search for Tamar Canoe Association
Putney Bridge Canoe Club  London.  Search for Putney Bridge Canoe Club
Hammersmith & Fulham Canoe Club  London.  Search for Hammersmith & Fulham Canoe Club
Islington Boat Club  London.  Search for Islington Boat Club
Tower Hamlets Canoe Club  London.  Search for Tower Hamlets Canoe Club
Leaside  London.  Search for Leaside
Edmonton Canoe Group  London.  Search for Edmonton Canoe Group
Battersea Canoe Club  London.  Search for Battersea Canoe Club
Castle Canoe Club  London.  Search for Castle Canoe Club
Ealing Canoe Club  London.  Search for Ealing Canoe Club
West Lothian Canoe Club  Lothian Region.  Search for West Lothian Canoe Club
Luton Canoe Club  Luton.  Search for Luton Canoe Club
Black Swan Canoe Club  Maidenhead.  Search for Black Swan Canoe Club
Westhoughton Canoe Club  Manchester.  Search for Westhoughton Canoe Club
Marlow Canoe Club  Marlow.  Search for Marlow Canoe Club
Shepperton Slalom Canoe Club  Middlesex.  Search for Shepperton Slalom Canoe Club
Westel Canoe Club  Middlesex.  Search for Westel Canoe Club
Hillingdon Junior Canoe Club  Middlesex.  Search for Hillingdon Junior Canoe Club
Elmbridge Canoe Club  Middlesex.  Search for Elmbridge Canoe Club
Lancaster & District Canoe Club  Morecambe.  Search for Lancaster & District Canoe Club
The Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club  Mytchett.  Search for The Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club
Chalfont Park Canoe Club  Near Henley-on-Thames.  Search for Chalfont Park Canoe Club
Sutton Bingham and District Canoe Club  Near Yeovil.  Search for Sutton Bingham and District Canoe Club
4As Canoe  Newark.  Search for 4As Canoe
Newbury Canoe Club  Newbury.  Search for Newbury Canoe Club
Newcastle University Canoe and Canoe Polo Club  Newcastle upon Tyne.  Search for Newcastle University Canoe and Canoe Polo Club
Norfolk Canoe Association  Norfolk.  Search for Norfolk Canoe Association
Wensum Osprey Canoe Club  Norfolk.  Search for Wensum Osprey Canoe Club
Banbury & District Canoe Club  Northamptonshire.  Search for Banbury & District Canoe Club
Tyne Valley Canoe Club  Northumberland.  Search for Tyne Valley Canoe Club
Norwich Canoe Club  Norwich.  Search for Norwich Canoe Club
Norwich Eagle Canoe Club  Norwich.  Search for Norwich Eagle Canoe Club
The Nottingham Trent University Canoe Club  Nottinghamshire.  Search for The Nottingham Trent University Canoe Club
Runcorn Canoe Club  Nr Runcorn.  Search for Runcorn Canoe Club
Anker Valley Canoe Club  Nuneaton.  Search for Anker Valley Canoe Club
Oldham & District Canoe Club  Oldham.  Search for Oldham & District Canoe Club
Euxton Canoe Club  Ormskirk.  Search for Euxton Canoe Club
Ormskirk Scouts Canoe Club  Ormskirk.  Search for Ormskirk Scouts Canoe Club
Oswestry & District Canoe Club  Oswestry.  Search for Oswestry & District Canoe Club
Addlestone Canoe Club  Ottershaw.  Search for Addlestone Canoe Club
Falcon Rowing & Canoe Club  Oxford.  Search for Falcon Rowing & Canoe Club
Eyot Boat Centre  Oxon.  Search for Eyot Boat Centre
Paignton Canoe Club  Paignton.  Search for Paignton Canoe Club
Pangbourne Canoe Club  Pangbourne.  Search for Pangbourne Canoe Club
Penzance Canoe Club  Penzance.  Search for Penzance Canoe Club
Wychavon Kayak and Canoe Club (WKCC)  Pershore.  Search for Wychavon Kayak and Canoe Club (WKCC)
Fladbury Paddle Club  Pershore.  Search for Fladbury Paddle Club
Welland & Deeping Canoe Club  Peterborough.  Search for Welland & Deeping Canoe Club
Packers Club  Peterborough.  Search for Packers Club
Peterhead Canoe Club  Peterhead.  Search for Peterhead Canoe Club
The Port of Plymouth Canoeing Association (PPCA)  Plymouth.  Search for The Port of Plymouth Canoeing Association (PPCA)
Isle of Portland Canoe Club  Portland.  Search for Isle of Portland Canoe Club
Regents Canoe Club  Regents Canal.  Search for Regents Canoe Club
Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club  Renfrewshire.  Search for Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club
Clitheroe Canoe Club  Ribble Valley.  Search for Clitheroe Canoe Club
Richmond Canoe Club  Richmond upon Thames.  Search for Richmond Canoe Club
Rugby Canoe Club  Rugby.  Search for Rugby Canoe Club
Walsall Canoe Club  Rugeley.  Search for Walsall Canoe Club
Salisbury Canoe Club  Salisbury.  Search for Salisbury Canoe Club
Scarborough & District Canoe Club  Scarborough.  Search for Scarborough & District Canoe Club
Glanford & Scunthorpe Canoe Club  Scunthorpe.  Search for Glanford & Scunthorpe Canoe Club
Purley Canoe Club  Selsdon.  Search for Purley Canoe Club
Sheffield University Canoe Club  Sheffield.  Search for Sheffield University Canoe Club
Broomhall Canoe Club  Sheffield.  Search for Broomhall Canoe Club
Shetland Canoe Club  Shetland.  Search for Shetland Canoe Club
South Avon Canoe Club  Somerset.  Search for South Avon Canoe Club
Griffon Canoe Club  Somerset.  Search for Griffon Canoe Club
Bere Forest Canoe Polo Club  Southampton.  Search for Bere Forest Canoe Polo Club
Upper Hamble Canoe Club  Southampton.  Search for Upper Hamble Canoe Club
Forest Canoe Club  Southwater.  Search for Forest Canoe Club
Southwold Canoe Club  Southwold Harbour.  Search for Southwold Canoe Club
Halifax Canoe Club  Sowerby Bridge.  Search for Halifax Canoe Club
St Austell Canoe Club  St Austell.  Search for St Austell Canoe Club
Stafford Canoeing & Watersports Club  Stafford.  Search for Stafford Canoeing & Watersports Club
Swaledale Outdoor Canoe Club  Stockton on Tees.  Search for Swaledale Outdoor Canoe Club
Stafford And Stone Canoe Club  Stone.  Search for Stafford And Stone Canoe Club
Stonehaven Canoeing Club  Stonehaven.  Search for Stonehaven Canoeing Club
Stourbridge Arm Canoe Club  Stourbridge.  Search for Stourbridge Arm Canoe Club
Wyre Forest Canoe Club  Stourbridge.  Search for Wyre Forest Canoe Club
Astley Paddle Canoe Club  Stourport.  Search for Astley Paddle Canoe Club
Stroud Valley Canoe Club  Stroud.  Search for Stroud Valley Canoe Club
Thameswey Canoe Club  Stroud.  Search for Thameswey Canoe Club
Sudbury Canoe Club  Suffolk.  Search for Sudbury Canoe Club
Tandridge Canoe & Kayak Club  Surrey.  Search for Tandridge Canoe & Kayak Club
Bromley Canoe Club  Surrey.  Search for Bromley Canoe Club
Arun Canoe Club  Sussex.  Search for Arun Canoe Club
East Sutherland Canoe Club  Sutherland.  Search for East Sutherland Canoe Club
Highworth Canoe Club  Swindon.  Search for Highworth Canoe Club
Swindon & District Canoe Club  Swindon.  Search for Swindon & District Canoe Club
Tamworth Canoe Club  Tamworth.  Search for Tamworth Canoe Club
Taunton Canoe Club  Taunton.  Search for Taunton Canoe Club
St Neots Canoe Club  TBC.  Search for St Neots Canoe Club
Tees Tigers Canoe Club  Teesside.  Search for Tees Tigers Canoe Club
Teignbridge Canoe Club  Teignmouth.  Search for Teignbridge Canoe Club
Telford Canoe Club  Telford.  Search for Telford Canoe Club
Tonbridge Canoe Club  Tonbridge.  Search for Tonbridge Canoe Club
Ribble Canoe Club  Treales.  Search for Ribble Canoe Club
Wiltshire Youth Canoe Club  Trowbridge.  Search for Wiltshire Youth Canoe Club
Stubbers Canoe Club  Upminster.  Search for Stubbers Canoe Club
West Yorkshire Canoe Club  Wakefield.  Search for West Yorkshire Canoe Club
Herts Canoe Lifeguards  Wanstead.  Search for Herts Canoe Lifeguards
Purbeck Canoe and Kayak Club  Wareham.  Search for Purbeck Canoe and Kayak Club
Warrington Canoe Club  Warrington.  Search for Warrington Canoe Club
St Albans & Hertsmere Canoe Club  Welwyn.  Search for St Albans & Hertsmere Canoe Club
Birmingham Canoe Club  West Midlands.  Search for Birmingham Canoe Club
Lower Wharfe Canoe Club  Wetherby.  Search for Lower Wharfe Canoe Club
Poole Harbour Canoe Club  Wimborne.  Search for Poole Harbour Canoe Club
Southampton Canoe Club  Winchester.  Search for Southampton Canoe Club
Windsor Canoe Club  Windsor.  Search for Windsor Canoe Club
Peninsula Canoe Club  Wirral.  Search for Peninsula Canoe Club
Wirral Guide And Scout Canoe Association  Wirral.  Search for Wirral Guide And Scout Canoe Association
Blackwater Valley Canoe Club  Woking.  Search for Blackwater Valley Canoe Club
Worcester Paddle Club  Worcester.  Search for Worcester Paddle Club
Evesham Paddlesports   Worcestershire.  Search for Evesham Paddlesports
West Cumbria Canoe Club  Workington.  Search for West Cumbria Canoe Club
York Canoe Club  York.  Search for York Canoe Club
York University Canoe Club  York.  Search for York University Canoe Club
Bradford and Bingley Canoe Club  Yorkshire.  Search for Bradford and Bingley Canoe Club
Malton & Norton Canoe Club  Yorkshire.  Search for Malton & Norton Canoe Club

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